Sunday, 4 April 2010

Spring is back

So after lots of rain last week we havent had any for ooh at least 24 hours, the sun is flooding in my room today and I'm loving it, I can see its really windy and I bet its cold but in my little room its full of sunshine.
So I wanted to show you something today, I have been working on a new quilt, I started this ages ago literally some point last yr, I first put the squares together and today its finished yippee

How Spring like is that? I used the fabby Amy Butler fabric, the last from my stash from America, foolishly i got 4x4 this from what I recall took me about a million years to sew together, but I'm pleased with how it looks, I think the hot pink binding really sets it off. You cant see as I didn't take a photo but the back is lime green cord which is lush but my sewing machine didn't much enjoy the thickness lol.
I think i would like to make some quilted cushions for my new house, got lots of time to prepare lol, speaking of cushions my lovely mate Heather is making me a lovely cushion using some Rowan 4ply, that I darent go near, for those non knitters Rowan is fancy and 4ply is stupidly thin and I wont go anywhere near it, so heather kindly took it off my hands to make me a lovely cushion for my house, this is what she did just sat at mine yesterday.

this girl is mighty quick.
So that leads me nicely onto our craft afternoon yesterday, after our tea party we headed back to mine and this is what we got up to.

Cakes, we had lots of cakes, I made some Fran bought some, there were lots of cakes.

I pilled some of my yarn at Heathers feet.

I did a spot of knitting of my 20s hat

Fran decided she wanted to make a card so got some inspiration (note comedy sided ball of wool)

she then stole my desk and made this

pretty darn good for first ever card huh? Yes I'm pretty jealous
So whilst Fran was quiet in the corner (literally) Heather got to teaching! You might recall she also tried to teach me on her last day in Leeds back in November. Safe to say I forgot everything lol
So today I was learning the granny square and this is how we got on

Pretty sure the last photo is where I went wrong lol ,but I did it! I used some of my erm lovely acrylic and did this

I'm pretty impressed with myself, if you fancy giving it a try she has a tutorial for exactly this on her blog right here.
And that was my day, I sat and worked on my 20s hat most of the night, the 20inch band i had to know is at about 14 inch now so nearly there, but I have spotted a tiny little project i might try like now

cute isnt it? now all the things you see like this are normally crochet and as you can tell im not quite there yet but this one is knitting and moss stitch which is one of my faves yippee.
Hope you are all having a lovely Easter, with no easter egg hunts or bunnies here we have kinda just made stuff and ate some chocolate, ok I made stuff Rob played on his game, but I thought I would leave you with this lovely pic. Happy Easter x


Debsg said...

Great post. I agree, the card is fabulous.

Debbie said...

Love the new quilt - v pretty! Lookd like you had a fab and productive day!

{ Emma } said...

Your quilt is gorgeous, the fabric is so fresh and vibrant and love the white border with pink binding. Mines nearly done, just need to bind it!

Looks like you had a fab day and can't wait to see your new hat.


mackt_gattis1115 said...


Kerry said...

Looks like a fun day full of gorgeous things.

I must have a look at the granny square tutorial.

Rain is back this morning lol

Candace said...

Wow, looks like you had a really fun & productive day.....unlike me! I am starting to learn to crochet as well. Have looked at your friends blog at the granny square pattern. Got the first colour copleted after 5 attempts, but happy with the one I've finally got, but, supid question do I attach the next colour wool? Looked at so make explanations on the web and no one says exactly how to attach! can you explain in 'mega simple' terms? lol

Jenny said...

Looking fab! Well done on the granny square, they're really addictive! x x

Dan said...

Oh wow, that quilt is absolutely gorgeous - well done!

leah said...

i have completely fallen inlove with ur quilt, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to do that, but i havent got a sewing machine!!! could i make one with out!!!
loving everything u make! always


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