Wednesday, 4 November 2009

In a Blur!

Seriously this week has been mental, work is super busy, i either crash out when i get home or knit like mad, sew etc so cant quite believe its Thursday tomorrow. And considering i have started Shimelles blogging class i have not been blogging much at all, mainly because my scrappy room is freezing.

But anyway last week my lovely friend Fran left and this week it is the turn of my other lovely friend Heather :( I know she goes not want to go and nor do i want her to go but alas she must. So this evening we spend literally a perfect hour together, we headed to Starbucks got some nice hot drinks and did a bit of crochet. NOw heather is awesome at crochet as you will see from her blog so i am trying to learn as much as i can before she moves far far away. So this is how our hour went.

I got a Hot Chocolate in a take our cup coz it was way cuter than the indoor cups :)

We admired the art work whilst sat in cosy chairs

Heather started me off (coz that bit if dead hard)

I took notes ..


And then i started, it was brief but blooming perfect I am going to miss my hooker friend hee hee!

Right so on another note i am going away this weekend with the Sarah's Cards DT girls to which i have met one! eekk! this is where we are headed

Seriously how lucky are we?? thats all for now, i have tons of cupcakes i need to ice for another charity event tomorrow at work. Then of course it is bonfire night tomo, we are going to the grand Roundhay Park Bonfire so hope to share some photos from there before i leave on friday but maybe not too. Right rambling over thanks as ever for stopping by x


beksynormz said...

That place looks gorgeous Rach, bet you'll have a ball xx ps Love the new hair xxx

Clare said...

Wow that place looks gorgeous, am very jealous! Have fun C x

fran_elis said...

Happy bonfire night :) enjoy your weekend away xxx

Debbie said...

Wow - the house looks amazing - have a great weekend. I am going to a cottage of similar splendor with my UKS team mates and I have never met any of them irl so kinda the same!!


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