Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WIP Wednesday

Does it look like a jumper yet?? I have fallen out with this SO many times in the past week. I was clearly not concerntrating and kept doing it wrong and fixing it and doing it wrong again and again!!! Rrraaaa
Now finally. I have all my pieces, so now I am going to piece it together. I am not knitting the hood. Did I mentioned this is Central Park Hoody ? Well it is. 

So this is what I'm planning on it looking like. So wish my luck. I will probably sew the arm to the wrong bit of something stupid. 
Im dying to cast a few spring garment!! I have new yarn. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

7 Days later

So last Monday night about 10pm after we finally got Martha to sleep, I picked up my Central Park Hoody!

It looks like this. 

I have made one before a few years ago but I said that 2015 was the year of garment knitting for me so I put down my gift knitting and got to work. I managed a cable repeat before bed. And since then I have been working away on it. 

As you an see it is knit in pieces. 

I got the back done and started on the front panels. With a 10 stitch repeat I find I wanted to complete one of them so that's made it go fast rather than inches and inches of stocking stitch, this I find makes a huge difference to how quickly I knit on this. 

So this ended up being really speedy. 

I managed from the marker below yesterday evening. 

And tonight it loos like this. 

Yay!! Back and fronts done. I have cast on the first sleeve so in theory hoping to have all the knitting done on it at the weekend maybe, possibly, small child willing. 

I'm debating not adding a hood and just doing a collar. 

I have been working briefly on a pair of socks for when it's not convient to work on this. 
Pretty huh. 

And this evening they look like this. 

So they have had a little love. I'm really pleased with my progress so hoping to get some more good progress achieved this week. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Ooohhhhh pretty

So today me and Martha hopped on the bus to town to go and visit the new fabric shop that has opened. I regularly visited their market stall for fabric at an amazing price. But they have branched out and opened a shop at the side of the market and Oohh Oohh oohhh.  

It's lovely. 

And seriously they had Riley Blake for £8 a metre. That is seriously cheap. 

I forget the name of this one but look at this bundle 

Martha was put on carrying duty, she was happier than she looks

So this is what I go, having sold a few bits of scrappy things in the Facebook group. 

This is all for martha things. I already wish I got more of the blue for me and might just send Rob back tomorrow as he works in the city centre lol. 

So Yeh if you can get to Leeds you should go. It's B&M Fabrics at the side of the market near the new little sainsburys 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Is that you???

Spring??? I think I can spy you coming but I'm not sure. Today was lovely and sunny. Here is how it looked. 

After a morning trip to Slimming World & a lunch out with friends, we put baby to bed and sat in the garden in the sun!!!!!

I sat happily for a bit finishing my increases on another Flax jumper for one of the 2015 babies. 

Once I get the sleeves tied off I'm going to concentrate on some of my knits for a it as I've been doing lots of gift knitting lately, which is nice but just time for a little break. 

It felt very indulgent to be knitting and listening to a podcast ( A Playful Day) in the sun. 

Soon enough we got Martha up to join in the fun. 

We was very surprised we were outside playing. She didn't even move about when we last had chance to play in the garden or not very much at any rate. 

Martha got to work with her sand and water table, it got all soggy despite having a cover on but she had fun in the soggy sand. 
She's also rocking a gorgeous Cardigan my mam did I think for Christmas but was way too big but seems to fit now, she's worn it all week and think it's my favourite colour in the bunting. 

Fun fun fun sun flare

We loved having daddy with us, it's normally typical that daddy misses out on fun things coz of work. 

Martha has her new waterproof trousers on as she remains a bum shuffler she gets very dirty so these have been a great addition. I got them from JoJo Mama Bebe. 

She was really interested in Olive Bunny today and just shuffled over to see what she was up to


Olive was actually still in the run at this point so we popped her back in and she squealed and squealed ( martha that is) 

She was not happy when I had to pull her out of the her hutch 

So there you go. This was only 2 hours out of our day but makes us very excited about spring and summer and will be even more fun when she is walking but at the min we are loving her pointing and saying what everything is, her speech is unbelievable. She's a clever cookie. 

Hope you had a lovely Saturday. X

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Hello. I am still here working away on this and that. 
Sooooo many of my friends are expecting this year so I thought I would get cracking, most of them are summer babies, so my plan is to make a pile of stuff. Not always garments, some hats, maybe toys. 
So I thought I would try a new to me pattern, I am loving Tin Can Knits lately, so went to their simple collection which is all free to make Flax. 

I admit I got a bit muddled to start with but with a little help from the girls at knit night I got going last week and now it's done. Hurray! 

I used Stylecraft in Cloud Blue in Aran. 
I knit 0-6 and it took slightly under 1 ball. How good is that?? 

Given this won't fit any of the babies till nearly winter I thought I might just see if it fit martha and coz she's a tiny dot it did so I have better photos to share. 

Aww love this one. Now it's snug but not crazy small, like it went over her head so that's a bonus. 

Aww my little beauty. 

I have already started my next one so I didn't forget the fiddly bit I learnt. I will very shortly be making one for martha. 

Would def recommend this pattern and free. And it's from 0- about XXXL madness. 

Tim can knits has buy one get one free on their patterns at the min FYI

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Started with a poorly snotty baby, after perking up we went to the local farm for a very quick trip. Bit of picnic playing first 

Then to the farm, to see some lambs. 

And a few gorgeous pics 

During a very unsettled naptime I tried to tackle a bit of crochet. I can granny stripe but that's about it. So I used Heathers Elmer square, sorry on my phone so can't link. 

I frogged it many many times. Do u like my crochet hook, it was a birthday pressie from my friend Laura. 

I went wrong a fair few times but got it eventually. 


We will ignore the crying grumpy baby and swiftly move onto her happily playing with a bowl and spoon and a wrapper. 

We will also ignore the 3 HR bedtime this evening but in between lots of rocking and stuff. I managed another square

I'm pretty pleased I got there in the end, with a lot of help from my pals. 
And now it's bedtime so I guess that's my day. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Has been crazy lately which is why I haven't blogged. It was my birthday 6 weeks ago and I have been poorly since then with various things, Marthas been on and off too and poor hubby had his wisdom teeth out, and martha has forgot how to go to bed and sleep so life has been erm busy we will call it. 

Flying visit as I should be getting ready for work. 
Knitting wise. I started the 3 colour cashmere cowl which seems to be exploding on Ravelry, it will be a long slow project but pretty. 

These are my colours I wanna use, all have special memories, first socks I finished, Wilma shawl, first cardi I made martha, and honeymoon yarn. It's gonna be pretty. I'm gonna add a self striping in too I think. 

Martha is being lovely despite the lack of sleep. And seems so big these days

She has taken a shine to my wool and carrying thins in her mouth 

We got a couple new additions this weekend, we don't have a great fish record but martha thins they are fab. 

Right Babyface is awake so I best get dressed and get to work/nursery. 

Hope everyone is well. Xx


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