Saturday, 4 March 2017

Learning stuff

Hi all, so I haven't been able to update my blogger app which is why I'm not really blogging, if anyone knows how to fix it that would be awesome.

So what have I been up to? the usual, looking after these little monkeys who are growing up insanely fast.

This dude is one next month! 1 WHAT!

we've had some freezing park days and getting out and about. 

So knitting wise I've finished a few things,

This is Flax Light which I knit out of fancy left over yarn from my camp side cardigan. 

of course he looks gorgeous. 

I've been knitting up a sock storm lately, using my Fab funky fibres, i did a afterthought heel here but isn't the best fit. 

So i tried something new and did a  new to me design, just vanilla but this one has a german short row heel, I used this pattern 

I haven't been really 'into' learning new things as its hard work and when you only get a little time its a pain to learn and do things wrong, but I've been trying to stop being lazy with it.

And they fit great, i am all about the coloured toe at the min which you will see. 

So in the interest of learning new things, this pair of socks are toe up which is pretty new to me, i think I've done it once, i did the Judys magic cast on, and THEN i did another new heel, the fish lips kiss heel.

And i love them they are a great fit, i have kinda lived in these since i finished them. 

This is another fab funky fibres, which was a 50g skein so with added toes and heels it makes a full pair of socks. 

These were a january pair and i did a short row heel for these but again my 2 new ones are such a better fit.

So I also knit my boy his first Owlet just using style craft which is a bit gorgeous.

Look at my little beauties, geez i could eat them up.

I am 'still' on mat leave but been popping into work for 'keeping in touch' days of KIT days so thats been ok for a few hours.

We've been going to baby sensory for a few months now which i do with theo when martha is at nursery

What else, ah yes i made a little knitty corner in my room, ah remember the days i had a whole room, though to be fair a good chunk of my yarn is still in Theo's room. 

 I got these awesome baskets from random i know, at first i thought they would be huge but turns out i have a fair bit of indie dyed yarn, who knew.

and this is just next to my bed so i can see it all the time. 

So there you go if you want to follow my knitting antics then i am over on instagram as rewardingmemories.

OOOOHHHH speaking of knitting, I am going to the EDINBURGH YARN FESTIVAL next week! with some knit night friends, we are going on the Friday on the early early train! If you see me say hi!

These are my sock plans for March, yet more fab funky fibres and Norah George yarn and five moons minis.

i had my little helpers winding it for me. 

Im trying super hard to finish my old project to wear for the festival my dotted rays 

i have 7 rows a day to have it done, i didn't do my 7 yesterday coz i was selling loads of the kids clothes to fund Edinburgh alas must keep trying.

Right thats loads for now, will try not to be as long next time.

right i have 14 rows to do! Yikes! 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hello 2017

Hi all I'm sorry its been so long since i posted, my app has basically broken on my phone which means i have to pull the laptop out and i can't just blog whenever.

I have deleted it and i will try and fix it but giant update in a muddled order.

So Theo is 9months tomo! 9 MONTHS! can you believe that? he has the most hair ever, he's the happiest little soul. I am still on maternity leave and trying to be for as long as i can.

Yes I'm knitting every chance i get which is mainly just evenings now, martha has stopped napping but now I'm gonna stuck trying to get theo to nap all afternoon, its pretty hectic these days.

We had a quick photo shoot of the babies before Christmas. 

We did a photo shoot for my friends new knitwear collection in the Autumn

we did feet painting for Christmas baubles with new friends from the baby sensory class we go to.

I finished some knitwear, this is Chuck, i love it and have already cast on another

we had Christmas

I knit some awesome christmas socks

did i mention this boy likes to eat! so strange having a kid that likes food and doesn't need to be hounded to eat, and yes he is completely beautiful.

I had a birthday, 34! madnesss!

So yeah our days are busy and hectic and a bit nuts but man these kids are awesome.

In other exciting news i have booked train tickets for Edinburgh Yarn Festival which I'm so excited to go to, I was far too pregnant to go last year (which feels like a million years ago) and it never worked out so this year i got on the case.

Erm I'm still doing Slimming World, nearly at target but a slow old journey to get there, its hard not to replace sleep with food, or geez its been a naf day ill just eat all the chocolate, alas I'm nearly there.

I haven't done a knitting tally just yet, its on my list to do soon before it gets so far into january that no one cares so will try and let you know all those details when i can.

Right baby is awake from the shortest nap ever.

Catch you soon xx

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Happy Half Birthday

My beautiful beautiful gorgeous happy chilled out delightful scrummy perfect baby boy is 6 months today! 6 Months!!!
Can you believe that! I don't think I can. 
We naturally took some pics, he is just a delight. 

Who me??? 

Ahh he's so lovely 

He's such a happy little monkey

Did I mention he's utterly gorgeous? No well he is!!

Naturally his equally gorgeous big sister had to get in on the photo action. 

She's just the best big sister, always includes him and is the first to shush someone if they are being too loud when he's sleeping. 

Equally Theo adores Martha, I didn't realise the absolute free entertainment she would provide for him lol 

Is that enough gushing?? One more?? 
Look at that smile! 

I'll just leave u with that smile and speak soon xx

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Yarndale 2016!

So thought I'd try and be on the ball before my photos get lost in a sea of other photos. 

So I drove to Yarndale on the Saturday and left the small people with my hubby. 

It was a busy one. Busiest I've seen 

I went with my Mam and sis. 

So favourite stall, hands down was Five Moons, I had ordered from them previously and was really excited to check the colours out in person. 

What I loved about this stall is the 20g mini skeins and the 50g ones. I don't use much for socks so this was fab and obvs half the price. 

Mini love. 

I got these to start with 

I was shopping for five moons and 2 garment quanties for these. 

So a 4ply jumper for me. I wanted something super special as its a LOT of SS so wanted it to be fab. I had lots of options and flittered from stall to stall. 

Easyknits always a winner. 

Or these, this was Suffolk Sock LITG I think 

Yeh I couldn't decide. I was going to stripe the body with a third colour so in the end I got these. 
I'm excited about starting this one. Gonna be a giant project but hoping gorgeous wool will help. 

And this is Chuck which is worsted/Aran. 

I knew I wanted something 'commercial' really just coz handdyed would be pricey. 

So I got this....

It's super soft and a lovely colour. It's called Fog. I'm excited to cast on. 

I got some scrummy buttons, as did my Mam 

We met my lovely friend Gwen and wandered together and stopped for lunch. 

There were Knit Pro zings on lots of stalls and I really like the interchangeable pair I have. ( didn't like the fixed ones). I got one pair but think I should have got more. 

What else....
 I met the lovely Amy from The Stranded podcast and stranded dyeworks company, I really enjoy her podcast so was great to meet her.

I got these scrummy things too 

So I nipped back to a stall for some candian yarn Koigu that u can't really get here. 
Pretty isn't it. And I thought a bit differed.  

I may have gone back to five moons. 
Super pleased with these. The brights are for a shawl to go with something else I have and mini's are for heels and toes. 

So a pretty impressed haul 

I am aiming to get to Edinburgh Yarn Festival ( massively pregnant last time) so best get knitting.  

Now our busy 2 weeks are over, awesome holiday and lots of birthday celebrations I am ready for a bit of doing nothing. 

I'm still working on my Lush Cardigan and aiming for t done by the end of the month. 

Right children call X 


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