Monday, 31 August 2015


I have been on a mission lately to get these garments knit. I declared 2015 the year of the garment and I need to step up my game. 

I worked super hard and got my Lush cardigan finished. This is the last decent photo I have. It is currently blocking and I'm hoping to get buttons on and photos done later this week. 

I've been enjoying posting pics on Instagram and trying not to do it too frequently. It varies on a daily basis. 

I jumped literally straight onto the next garment. Like I cast off and 10 mins later I cast on this baby 

Now I got this wool on my Honeymoon in San Francisco in 2012, from Imagin Knits. Can you believe it's our 3rd Anniversary next week?? 

Well it is so it was about time I got this on the needles. I picked 'American' colours to remind me where I got my yarn. 

I was going to steek this caridgan as I have never done flat colour work. 

I managed a bit before bed on Saturday night. 

And a bit more during naptime. I love naptime! 

But then a new pattern caught my eye doh!

How fun is this??? This is Willow Cowland yes I've cast on immediately I love it. 

I literally cast on and did 2 rounds and got back to Chickadee. So at 8.30 last night I picked it back up and look how much I got done. 

I got the birds done!!! I'm so pleased. I have been trying to set myself little goals. Isn't goal was to get my lush finished by the time I went back to work after the bank holiday. Which was ambitious getting 2 sleeves done in 6 days but I did that. 

And last night I thought well if would be nice if I could get the birds done now before work. And I did it early. I'm so chuffed. I know it's silly but I'm so proud. It was a late night not crazy but yay. So now my new goal is to finish all the colour work by the end of today. I think there are about 6 rows of the colour work to go so I'm hoping that achievable. Especially as I have a little Martha free time today. Thou that is to be used to try and make a dent in a quilt I started 1 year ago and yes I supposed some housework and a bit of cooking  

This is the quilt top I have. It does have a border on it now and I have the back fabric some so it just all needs sandwiching together. So in theory it won't take long. 

I did get a little sewing bug in the week and made a quick new project bag which I love 

Cute isn't it?? It's just a small sock sized one but I'm pleased with it. Oh speaking of socks I have found a new to me podcast called Love sock wool, she's really good and chatty and animated. I have been catching up on all back episodes as there are only about 15 and been really enjoying it. 

So there u go a productive week and a super super short working week with the bank holiday and or 2 weeks holiday is coming up next month!! Yay!!! Family time. 

Right gonna get a few rounds on my cowl before Martha wakes up. Yes Martha. I have been looking after that little money along with all the knitting. Lol.

Just if u were missing her beautiful face. Oh and another FO that is newborn size not nearly 2 year old size. She's 2 next month. Where is the time going?????  

Friday, 21 August 2015

It's been a while

 Hello all. Sorry it's been so long. I've been having so much fun playing over on Instagram with you all, I'm so happy to see you all over there. Fun to interact. 

So life is pretty good round here, let's see what's been going on. 

Did I share these? I forget, some scrummy hats for my friends kids. 

Adventures with my girl 

Garden fun 
Sand pit fun 

Meeting our Best Mans brand new baby fun 
City beach fun 

BBQ fun 

So yeh busy busy as ever. Now knitting.

I finished some super cute socks called Rose City Rollers, they are shortie socks so super quick. I've already started another pair  

I knit a Renfrew hat for Marthas keyworker at nursery as she has moved rooms!' And 2 next month!! What what! 

I've made some serious progress on my Lush Caridgan and hoping to have that done maybe by the end of the month. I want to wear this to Yarndale 

I've been obsessed with shawls. This one didn't end up working out colour wise so I'm gonna have to frog it. 

I started another different shawl that's going well. These are all in Ravelry. 

Oh and another. This is Pebble Beach, I've been buying a bit of yarn but I'm planning on doing. A indie Dyer blog post soon as I've found a few new ones. 

Oh and I started some knits for Martha yesterday. 

A POP Caridgan. I thought it would be nice to have these ready for her birthday as we have a little holiday time then. 
And this is Antler, both of which she has had before. 

So I think that about catches us up really. My mind has been a bit crazy lately. Lots like this. 
This made me laugh yesterday. 

I figured 5.30 was too early to give up on sleep and knit so I blogged but now it's after 6 so that's ok isn't it! 

Be back soon 
rach x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


So I have set up a blog Instagram yay! So now you can follow all my yarny adventures in nearly real life time. 
Go add me!!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

All the shawls

I have been wanting to make ALL of the shawls. I appear to have quite a bit of 4ply single skeins and appear to be obsessed with shawls lately. 

Sorry for all the phone screen shots it's just easier. They are all on my favourites on Ravelry. I think I got all the names in the shot. 

I love stash diving. I do have a yummy stash. 

I've been after this shawl for a whole few days and gave in and cast on, I am a fair bit into it and I still don't know if I like the colours together. 


I really like the look of this one below but heard the instructions aren't the best so debating a stripy Ishbell on the SS and a solid lace bit. 

I've been meaning to make one of these for a while as I love my Hitchhiker so much. 

This is a new one I've got but need to plan. I do like to plan. As u can see they are all a similar shape. 

This pattern looks very plain but this version makes me go ooohhhh!!! 

I got this gorgeous bundle from Knitting Goddess in a destash so fancy using them. 

So yes I like to plan and look and ohh and ahhh 

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Hello all. I have been knitting as much as I can to get to my goals I mentioned last time. I have finished the girl hat, finished my Tan House Brook shawl and finished my rainbow mitts!!! Hurray!!!!!
I also did the bonus of finishing one of my Rose city rollers sock, got the toe done and breaking news is I have just finished the heel on the 2nd yay!!! 

I have been a bit crazy today. I want to knit everything. I've been winding some yarn today and just want to knit it all. 

For now. I will show you my FOs that's right finished and blocked and photographed!! Oh yes!!  

It's in a lovely bright yellow from Laal Bear yarns who has since retired. 

I treated myself to a shawl pin. Just a knit pro one so was about £5 but think t looks good. 

Yes you are getting ALL the photos 

It's such a good size. Bigger than my last, I think coz it has silk in the yarn. It could have been blocked more. I literally soaked it and hung it on the washing line. 

So my mitts. Oohhh 

I love them. I managed 2 thumbs in one night thick I'm pleased with coz boy I hate dojng them. These are in my rav projects. Can't link on my phone. 

And this is my first sock. This is Mothy and the squid yard on etsy which is lovely. 

And my 2nd sock 

So yay. I love these too and given I want to knit all the things I am allowing myself a cast on after that as I would have finished 3 things. 

I will be back to show u what I've been stalking on Ravelry and also some fun photos of a adventure me and my girl went on yesterday. 

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x 


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