Monday, 16 November 2015

Tiny Lush

So another FO I got done is Martha's Lush I have been dragging my feet with this and I should have as its super cute.

She's getting harder to photograph lately.

But this is her playing in my mams garden though she said it was Too cold mammy, windy! Yes but you need photos of your cardigan!

This is her talking to daddy! Yes she thinks every Gnome and fairy and statue and anything like that is daddy, we have no idea where this came from but she had a whole conversation with him. 

I used drops merino in the dk, because i am stupid i didn't use the same dyelot, I have had lots of bother with this lately and i didn't realise till i blocked it, boo hiss!

One thing i need to do is do a crochet row to pull it on at the neck as it looks a bit like its falling off her shoulders so i must get that done.

This was our first attempt at photos, we went to Chapel Allerton to Baa Ram Ewe, she was grumpy and would not pose but I live this one and obviously AMAZING outfit!

And she carried my bag for me hee hee! 
She did great but then announced she was done! All done wool shop mammy she said more shops bye bye wool. She's so darn funny she just kills me

I have her Antler to work on still and the Wowligan so must crack on with them before i start babys knits. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Socks socks socks

I am a bit obsessed with making socks lately, you may have noticed.

I bought a lovely haul just after Yarndale from Fab Funky Fibres and I got my first pair finished for Socktober which is when you work on socks in October, but you know that right.

So this is Autumn Rainbow, I love them, they are so fun, muted which i don't normally do but man these are so pretty. 

I used just a standard sock pattern 

I also worked on the socks through Socktober, these are the Rose City Rollers

This is my 2nd pair of these and they are super quick and fun.  

I was kindly gifted this yarn from Kate from A Playful day podcast, it is Candy Skein which is an American yarn and so pretty. I haven't made socks that aren't self striping for a while.

I must try harder to do that as I have lots of it.

So there you are thats my socks, Im pleased to have been able to get things finished despite looking after my small person and growing a small person.

I keep meaning to make martha some socks but yeh I wanna knit for me,

Oh I forgot to show you.

I finally wore my clear boots when I went to the farm the other day.

Ive had these a while now and haven't really had a chance to wear them yet.

Yes it was Halloween aren't they fun, I got them in Primark a couple months ago and they were made £10 which i think is great.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Just can't get enough.

Do you ever find a pattern and you just can't stop working on it?

Yes, me too!

I love this pattern, I am using a very fancy yarn (to me) Malbrigo, this is a open front cardigan which is perfect for me at the minute.

I started mid afternoon and got to very nearly to tying the sleeves off in the same day. Which is pretty good for me.

And then the next day i tied the sleeves off yay!

I love the eyelets, normally it would be knit for 1 million years but as there is a little pattern you just do one more repeat and i love those type of projects. 

I can't seem to put it down at the minute.

 I have also been working on this beauty

my lovely christmas yarn came 

I haven't got massively far on these as I can't put my cardigan down. 

So they are the main things I have been working on, I have a brand new baby girl to knit for who arrived last week, I have made a blanket which I haven't actually photographed yet but Im going to make her a little hat now I know that she is a girl.

Speaking of which I will of course be finding out what we will be having, pretty soon actually, I am very excited about this, like we will know how our family will be like forever, does that make sense.

I haven't been knitting for the baby until we know what we are having, i am trying to focus on all the other knits and then once we know i should be in a position (HA) to just knit baby things, I have started a blanket, just a bright fun rainbow one but nothing really to show you at the minute.

SO yes all the plans all of the time.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Yay my Chickadee is finished and I am super super proud of it, This has been on my 'to knit' list for far far far too long and i'm a bit mad at myself for not making it sooner to be honest.

I have used cascade 220 which I got on my honeymoon in 2012 in San Francisco, its just been sat ever since and I'm not sure why.

I am so pleased with the fit, obviously its not closing at the minute due to baby bump but Ive worn it so much already and I really love it.

Look at those little birdies!

And there is my little shadow never far away from her mama lol. 

I can't tell you how much knitting make me happy and knitting for my girl too i just love it so much i really feel stressed if i can't knit as silly as that might sound to people but it just relaxes me and it feel weird if i don't do that every day, and i do normally manage every day, only once in a blue moon i don't get to and thats only when I'm really tired.

But yes happy days.

I will share details about Martha's latest knit soon.


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

ALL the things

My mind is full of ALL the things I want to make. I need to make everything like now!!

These are some of the things on my mind. 

I have started the Antler cardigan for Martha, I had actually started this a while ago in Drops Merino Aran which is one of my favourites but the dyelot a varied so much that it looked silly even with varigating them. Gutted. 

So I frogged it and used Stylecraft Aran instead. Oh yes and bumpy is bumping along nicely at 16 weeks :)

I cast on my Wowligan too, someone's missed this version of the pattern and naturally bought it right away and got the actual yarn it suggests, I never do that. 

I swatched for the Campside Cardi but still undecided yet as to needle size or how to use the yarn as 3 or the skeins are one dyelot and I had to buy another quote some time later so I had enough to make it. They naturally look hugely different. 

I have picked up my 3rd Tan House Brook shawl this week too and enjoying this colour way which is The Knitting goddess in Candy Cane. 

Speaking of which! I sold a bit of yarn to get some Christmas yarn and I managed to get this beauty ������������

I have also been working on some new socks. I have a nice new tradition of going to Starbucks on my lunch hour as I have a WHOLE hour, I take my kindle and my socks and get a hot choc or a mango drink. 

I'm using this beauty to add a bit of colour to these dark days we seem to be having. 

This is how it looked

And now it's like this

So yes ALL of the things. I can't help it. I'm just a bit lost as to what to work on at the minute. I have obviously several other things in the needles of course. 

So yes best get knitting some of it hadn't I. 

Catch you all soon xx

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Slog slog slog

Firstly thank you all so much for your lovely comments on our exciting news. It's nice to be out in the open and be able to wear maternity clothes again, like welcoming old friends. I'm a different season this time so been needing s few layering pieces. 

Anyway. Knitting wise! I am slogging away and loads of WIPS I've had far too long, mainly my chickadee which I did 'only' cast on in August but feel like it's been ALL of my life. 
This was Monday maybe. 

I have since cast the body off thou apparently I wasn't supposed to do that and last night picked up for the button band. 

As these are long rows I have been picking up Martha's Lush cardigan which is on the sleeves. Again I feel like this has been on my needles forever. I'm basically bored of them and want rid. 

On Tuesday I had a hosp app and a hours lunch so knit on my happy project, which are my lovely socks 

So this was at the start of my app

And the end of lunch 

I think pretty good going. 

I did manage to knit a newborn hat for a friends baby which is due at the end of November. 

One of my favourite patterns Little scallop. Newborn I cast on 56! 

So that's what I've been knitting. I've been thinking about knitting ALL the things and can't wait to cast on some lovely quick things and get back to my socks and things. 

Right having lost a battle with a button band tonight I shall turn in. 

Rach x

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Another WIP

Martha has something to share.....

Ta Da!!

Very excited to say that we are expecting a baby in April 2016!

Thankfully i've been really well and everything seems to be going good.

Friday, 9 October 2015


Calling in to show more progress. I've been quite on a mission. 

I have literally this minute finished my first sock and had to rewind the ball coz the colours were stacked in the wrong order 

I love this and can't wait to wear them. Hoping to have them done by the end of the month. I am however getting distracted by lots of things. 

I added a couple of colours on a baby blanket for our friends who are expecting at the end of the month. 

And my chickadee has had a lot of love. 
I've added much more than this but look hurray. I've been trying to put a film on and work solidly on this as its just endless rows so pretty dull. 

What else. 
I've had my eye on this hat which I've knit twice before in a red sparkle yarn but self striping would be great right?? 

And in the none knitting news. We did some snoozing at soft play today?? Have I mentioned how awesome this girl is lately?? She's amazing! So much fun to be around and yes there are tough parts but generally she is a JOY to be around. 

I bought her her first Kinder Egg today. 

Naturally it was all melted after little hands had held it so long but she could not believe that there was a toy inside!! 

Right I'm off to cast on my 2nd sock before I head to bed. What are you working on?? 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Hi all just popping to to share what I've been knitting on lately. 

My phone apparently won't go very far back photos wise. 

But I've been addicted to this socks. These are Fab Funky Fibres Autumn Rainbow. I love this. Stripes are so additive. 

I've not been able to put them down tbh. They are so easy and portable 

I took them to work on Monday with my kindle. I'm reading a book called Wishful Thinking about a app that allows you to be in 2 places at once. It's fun. 

Over the weekend. I worked on my Chickadee and got the sleeves done and now it's endless ament sod stocking stitch for the body which doesn't feel appealing at all. 

We've also been watching lots of John Hughes films lately. 

Last night I did a few rows on Martha's Lush cardigan. 

This is just boring SS too. So these are the 3 I'm mainly working on. 

What are you working on? 


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