Monday, 7 April 2014

A beanie for my baby

I have located the hat I made and lost for Martha. It was behind the sofa so finally got some pics of her in it today.

I struggled to get her to look because Olive was hopping around and she's very curious about Olive.

Ah there's Olive.

It's a great fit so I'm pleased I frogged it. I love this Debbie Bliss wool but it is pricey.

Martha however now appears to have learnt to pull hats off so that's just great.

Lol this pic amused me.

Onwards to my next WIPS.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

1st Mothers Day

Hi all. I thought I would pop by and share some pics from my first Mother's Day.

I have to say I was rather excited the night before, almost like a birthday. So nice to have my 'birthday' not in the depths of winter.

Luckily rob was off work. I had one request for the day, I wanted to go and take Martha to the swings.

We started the morning with doing her 6 mths photos which we were a week late on doing but they are gorgeous. As ever.

This one is going on a canvas I think. Love it.

She's always got her mouth open like a little puppy.

Another favourite.

So we then headed to the park.
We are trying to use her pushchair more and not just the car seat but when u drive most places it makes more sense

Martha seemed pretty happy anyway lol.

Once we waited for the rough kids to leave we had a go.

Martha is wearing her new cardi that her auntie Nicky made her.

Weeeeeee. She's still a bit little and needs propping up.

We went on a bouncy thing too


We then used the gorilla pod attached to the pram (genius) to do some family snaps.

Cutest people I know!!

Me & my girl

I had been looking at photos from last march as that's when we had our first scan etc

What a difference a year makes.


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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wool and stuff

Hi, just popping by to share with some things i have been working on. I don't get much time anymore sadly, i look forward to my evenings, (and i am very grateful martha goes to bed well and i have a evening) but then they arrive and I'm normally a bit too pooped, or if i do manage something its very little. I also appear to have fallen into the black hole of cross stitch and don't get my started on scrapping or project life.

But alas this is what is going on now. 

I have made some progress on my afterthought heel socks, but i appear to have forgotten the measurements i need for my foot, so its a matter of measuring my foot, looking at the pattern and then asking my chum Hannah to tell me what to do lol.
I must do this, then you know knit the other one. 

right here, i am making a granny stripe baby blanket for a friend having a baby in the summer, well actually i need to make a few of these. 

the pic on the right is Emissary A cute 4 ply summer cardi for my girl, prob silly doing 6 nth size given the rate i knit these days.

bottle left is this which i have made before for martha but wanted one in the next size.

middle pic baby beanie more on that later

the last pic is a bit of a merge of patterns, the links are both here

so i cast all of these on in a week and barely touched them since. 

i may also appear to have bought some wool 

Yarnfair Stripes i got this in Wilkinson, its self striping which is great and was £1.35 a ball, i was thinking be great for DK socks and maybe some baby hats. 

i added a few more balls of style craft, i need 3 neutral blankets so needed more neutral. 

im loving this colour 

this is a new find, again self striping, yes I'm a bit addicted and this was cheap, though i hear Kemps have it for £4.99

so the hat i was making for martha was going well given it was just round and round.

So i got here and did my decreases, then it was too short, i decided to frog it rather than just start another. 

so i frogged it and added another inch. 
I haven't got a pic of her in it yet, i haven't tried it on yet

SO there you go, whilst i am rather slow these days i am still knitting.

Im thinking of selling a good chunk of my scrapping stuff, mainly punches and stamps etc if anyone will be interested i can do a post with some pics. 

Right bedtime is nearly here so i best hurry. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

6month in - 23.3.14

Last weekend my tiny little baby turned 6 months. I'm a little unsure how this happened.

Oh my gorgeous tiny baby. If I'm honest, this age feels like a blur, I think, (pardon my French) I was so buggered & bewildered even from the birth that these days feel hazy.
Whilst tiny newborns are gorgeous, I also feel quite glad I'm not back there again.

I do feel like I have come one million miles since then, I emailed myself the first week she was born & when I read them now I 'hear' just how much of a mess I was.

People ask me if it's harder than I thought it would be, I never really know the answer, I think the think that shocked me is the emotions relating to it all, I'm not much or a crier, I'm really not. So to cry for days and days after she was born through me. Thankfully now it's more crying coz she's so lovely and we are so lucky, thou yes some days it's not lol.

Without wanting to be too deep, I cannot believe that we are 6 mths 'in' the days fly by, one week after another just go by so quickly.

Right now we have introduced some food, we are still learning to sit up, she sleeps well at night, sometimes she sleeps through but rarely, we are still working on day naps, this girl likes her mammy or daddy or someone who is willing to cuddle her to sleep lol.

She is a happy little baby, she's happy a good amount of the time (minus teething).

The next 6 mths (& beyond) are gonna have huge changes, it's a bit scary, and I just hope my little Martha stays as happy and content as she is.

There we go, back with some knitting news soon as aware not everyone wants to hear me waffle about my baby, but sometimes you have to get it out.

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wordless Wednesday

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Friday, 14 March 2014

5 months

Horribly late in posting and now she's nearer 6 months than 5 lol

My girl loves her legs and her feet at the minute.

Everyone comments on were gorgeous big eyes

She can't sit up yet or anywhere near, but that's ok

She is super chatty and smiley

We loves our girl

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My little lamb

I know you like to see pics of my gorgeous girl so I thought I would come and quickly share some of her latest pics

We headed to a dairy farm for ice cream. Well hot chocolate and took Martha to see the cows.


Do u like her new snowsuit? My little lamb

Now these are my fave

She's so gorgeous.

I have no clue how she is 5mths at the weekend, I swear my body feels like I just gave birth lol
We are in full teething mode so some days ( not all of them) are l-o-n-g but you know she's cute lol.

That's all for now. Be back to update you on my ravellenics knitting should anyone be interested

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Her little smiling face!!

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Hi all. Sorry been having phone problems which has stopped me blogging.

So last Friday the Olympics started, and as with the previous Olympics Ravelry are holding the Ravellenics.

Basically you push yourself to make something during the games, if making a pair of mitts is pushing yourself then that's great.
I'm trying to finish a jumper I started last August. I did literally 90% in one mental day but have worked on that & only that since Friday.

So it started like this. Oh this is the Driftwood Pattern. So yes I have a huge amount done.

So I placed stitch markers everyday I started so I could track how much I had done.

Hard To see but I did a couple inches the first night.

I did another couple inches the next 2 evenings.

So now it's looking like this. I has increased some stitches to accommodate my new erm shape we will call it. But I want maybe another 4 inches then the rib so it doesn't ride up.

So yes that's what I have been up to lately. And obviously looking after a little baby lol
What are you knitting??

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