Thursday, 11 August 2016


It has been a chilly windy rainy kinda day today. Which means one thing. Time to crack out the knit wear. Me and my boy had a little walk to the post office and my boy needed something warm to wear. 

This boy runs pretty warm so really hasn't warm much in the way of knitwear yet so this was fun.  

Ahh he's so gorgeous. 

A great fit. Foolishly I didn't write down what size it was but looks good now. 
One sleeves are too long but look find folded over. 
He's such a lovely boy. 

And he didn't seem to mind wearing a hat either. 
This was apparently the only one that fits him so will have to get on the case there. 

Word is we are due a heat wave next week so I'll enjoy these lovely pics for now and see some more knitwear on him soon. 

Must make both the children/babies/kids new hats ready for our holiday next month. Maybe myself one too. 

That's all for now. We had a busy day doin some serious Slimming World cooking today, maybe more about that later 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

This week

Hi all. So this week in my knitty adventures I got my lovely Colorfield Shawl finished. Photos just taken by myself so not the best 

It's lovely and squishy. I used a very old yarn, one I got on my honeymoon actually and a newer one from Yarny Love on etsy. 

I also finished my watermelon socks. These have been on the go for ages. 

Not got fancy garden pics yet but yay for another project done. 

I had a random urge to sort some projects bags out and got a few to frog.

Yeh I am messy.  

But I sorted them and put some old projects back in rotation. 

I've been working on a the LaLa simple shawl in a dk by Felt Fusion

Love how sort and squishy this yarn is. 

I also put my owls back in rotation. I last worked on this in May 2015. I actually got lots done on it yesterday as me and my boy had a lazy day watching films at home. 

I also picked up my Londonhouse yarns rainbow socks 

And made good progress 

In other news. Theo had his 3rd Injections so that was utterly hideous but thankfully back to normal now. Thou chew chew chew is all he does. 

We cooked our holiday to butlins next month. Yay. 

We finally got a crop of multi coloured sweet peas! 

Think that's about it really. Been here and there and made it to knit night last week which was nice. 

We all went to see Finding Dory which was great 

Martha wore her new cardigan her granny made her. 

Right hopefully back soon xx 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Early in the morning

Morning all. It's early. So as I'm

apparently now up for the day I may as well blog right? 

So it was my sisters birthday a couple weeks ago so thought I'd share what I made. 

This is the Boreal hat by Ysolda Teague a fun colour work hat. Thou a bit toasty for July. 

I also made or tried to make rob a hat. We went to Saltburn beach a couple months ago and found a yarn shop abs rob spotted wool he like, so I secretly ordered it online later. 

Yeh I ran out of time. 

But I did pick it up again yesterday and am now a far it through the decreases. 

So hopefully baby willing I can get that done today. Coz whilst I like the pattern the yarn is very Erm I dunno I like how it looks but not loving knitting with it tbh so be pleased when it's done. 

I put a couple (literally) rows on my summer cardigan which is on my list to put a real dent in this month. 

And I finally took some photos of the socks I finished last week in the day light. 

In other news I've been cooking up a storm thanks to slimming World, really tried loads of different recipes, I never really did that when I've done it previously thou still got to target each time but trying to shake it up this time and get it off as quick as I can so I can stop paying (darn mat leave pay) so yeh. 

This boy is growing and growing (not like a weed I dot like that phrase) 
But he's incredible cute. 

Oh and my hubby bought me this. 

I've not actually started yet. I seem apprehensive coz I want it to be good. which I'm told it is. 

Anyway. Small baby shouting at me so best go x

Friday, 29 July 2016


Hi all. Few and far between posts. Life here sure is busy. 

This boy is growing up quick 

He's adorable and very smiley and he's a very 'good' baby 

Martha is still being super good with him no negativity at all which is awesome. 

She mainly just wants his toys and wants to sit where he is and stuff. 

But life with two on the whole is awesome 

In other news I chopped about 8" off my hair, so back to short. 

We've been doing lots of fun things in the bits of dun that's appeared. 
2 fun fairs in 2 days. 

My knitting has been a bit slow tbh but I'm still managing nearly every day. 

Double naptime doesn't happen much but when it does it's pretty sweet. 

I just finished these late last night. 

Been working on my shawl

I also went back to Slimming World this week. So let's see how I manage with that and 2 small people. Not got as much to loose as I did after having Martha and gone back 4 mths earlier do I'm gonna try

Right baby awake. Must dash. 
Back soon 

Friday, 8 July 2016

What's on my needles

I've been lacking in blogging but here I am. Knitty chat. 

This week I've worked on tons of different projects and therefore feel I've got nowhere. Alas here we go

I've been knitting a cardigan for Theo. It's just needs the button band picking up but I appear to be completely putting it off in favour of more fun things. 

I cast on and turned a heel on a pair of Rose city roller socks in a fine fish yarns 

I started another (my 4th) Tan House Brook Shawl using Norah George and stripes from The Knitting Goddess. Loving how this is working up. 


 got this scrummy yarn on the post from Qing Fibres 

I picked up my watermelon socks 
And turned the heel 
I started the Dotted Rays shawl and then stopped and then started in a different colour. 

I survived a cinema trip with both children and knit 2 inches on my sock!!

I took my boy to knit night where he despaired of the amount of projects I took wth me 

I took a gorgeous photo of my Theo. He's had his 12 weeks injections today and was still smiling. 

And that's my knitty week so far. 

In other news we made cakes, I tried to sell a ton of things on eBay and FB 

 Think that's about it round here. I'm aiming to do quick short updates as and when I can so my blog doesn't die a slow painful death like lots of blogs 

Be back soon 


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