Saturday, 28 May 2016

Out and about in Leeds

So coz Robs work is awesome he got a staggering 6 weeks paternity leave and boy was I grateful. So here are a few of the places we went to while he was off. 

We went to Lotherton Hall. We actually paid for a annual pass as it's quite near and fun. There is a huge bird park and great parks and thought was a good investment for when things are even tighter in the coming months. 

It's about £5 each to get in normally. 

Yep flamingoes! 

A new to me thing to do is Tong Garden Centre it has a HUGE play area and its £2.50 to get in. You would have to have good weather ideally or not rain but we went a few weeks ago with our friends. 

There is a huge sandpit 

Big giant bouncy pillow. There are climbing frames and a park which I didn't photograph. 

I really liked it here and think it will be a good option 2 kid wise where as soft play with a little and a big is a bit of a nightmare. 

What else. 

Ah yes we rode a train. We did a little ride on Middleton Railway

Yeh she is really that cute if you wondered 

The train is maybe 10 mins and takes you to Middleton park well you have to walk there. For about 15 mins. I didn't know this when we didn't bring s pushchair for my daughter who refuses to walk so rob carried her and all our bags while I carried Theo. 

We were lucky with the weather. There is a nice little park and a lake and a super cheap cafe. 

This is the walk through the woods/forest/trees

So there a few places. We went to Eureka the other day but that can be a separate post I think. 

Rob is back at work now and I had my first solo day which was Erm ok I'll call it. I'll get better at it in time. 

Right prob time to start this day even thou I've been awake since 4.30!'n 

Monday, 23 May 2016

What I've been knitting -photo heavy

Hi all, I'm going for speed with my blog posts, i hope thats ok, so this time 5,000 photos of me knitting over a sleeping baby, cool? great.

So i obviously knew the exact date I was having my boy and prepped lots of socks ready for the early days, 

I learnt from martha that socks were the way forward

Aww look at my tiny girl!!

Anyway I got working on my Harry Potter socks and a Grocery Girls podcast just after we came home. Theo loved it

I have some gorgeous photos of this moment of him in his basket, the light was so nice and i did some sock knitting. 

A little knitting on my watermelon socks, these are super fun and sparkly 

I started a Trillian which I had been meaning to knit for ages 

made good progress. 

I got a gorgeous bag from Thimble and Thread on etsy

I knit on some yarn from Easyknits i got at Woolfest last year its super pretty

I then had needle woes so frogged a couple of socks, I had been knitting on the tiny tiny little needles but turns out the crazy altered my gauge and i had to frog it, i wish i have clicked onto this before i got 3 pairs.

I got my first speckled Hedgehog Fibres, this still is hard to get hold of, Im planning socks with this, its called Boombox

I finally photographed my hat i finished a couple months ago. 

I got a couple beauties along the way, I love Fine Fish Yarns the colours are lovely.

We watched some more podcasts this is Dye another Day

I finally finished my harry potter socks by the end of the month to enter them into a couple of knit alongs. 

Oh yeah i started another sock, I'm pretty sure i finished one of these, i have so many on the needles I've kinda lost track tbh. 

Oh yes and another, there is a knit along by the grocery girls called fancy feet to try something new, I've ever done patterned socks so i am using deep stash here to make some slipped stitch socks. 

I worked on my trillian which I'm enjoying. This is Felt Fusion yarn 

My first Norah George yarn this is Mr Weasleys Ford Anglia 

We had lots of lovely sunny days with martha happily playing i knit on my sunny sunny happy socks. 

I may have got a notions pouch and a fabulous stitch marker pouch to match the bag, i can see all my pretty stitch markers now, again from Thimble and Thread.

Tiny baby cuddles and sock knitting, are you seeing a theme?

more sunny days with people entertaining/holding the baby so watermelon knitting. 

Me and my boy trying to decide what to cast on next, so much pretty yarn so little time (well actually i do ok considering) 

This is the lovely Fine Fish yarns in big girls don't cry, she does 50g skeins for half the price so they are great for a little pair of shorty socks. 

Im using the Rose city roller pattern but with a added Blueberry waffle pattern, 2 patterned socks i know! 

Yeh i mentioned Drops were having a sale, I've been super good and been selling random things there and there, materity clothes, some of marthas stuff that theo can't wear, yeh don't judge. 

Oh yes this has grown too. 

I started something the day the drops arrived this is another Entrechat for my girl, i did loads one day when martha was at nursery.

and i started a Hyphen cardigan too again in the big merino.

and i managed to go to knit night, Rob dropped us off and picked us up and i had a lovely couple hours knitting with my friends and Theo slept the whole time. 

So there you go I've been squeezing in a  row here and there and mainly when Rob has been driving coz I'm not doing that yet, a little in the evening and a little at nap time just enough to keep me sane.

I had a big old sort the other day too but surely I've shared enough photos for one day and I'm gonna frog some stuff and have already sold a couple of things.

Right must dash, busy busy! 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Theo's Knits

Are you ready for 5,000 photo of Theo in ALL the wooly things? Yes? Brilliant I'll get started then!

To save me linking ALL my projects, they can be found here and then go to the baby tab on the top

So here he is brand brand new in his chevron hat, everyone in the operating room were very complimentary of his little hat. 

Bit of early skin to skin and a hat change and wrapped up on his granny stripe blanket

Gotta love snuggles

And this is his going home outfit, he's worn this little cardigan loads and i love this debbie bliss prints yarn

Home and chilling out on his chevron blanket, another we use all the time. 

All snuggled up for his first walk to the post office, we go to the post office. 

This is his sirdar snuggley vertebrae, he's worn this lots in the sling, i love this colour and thankfully it looks amazing on him, and i love him in bright bright blue too. 

My mam made this gorgeous cardigan by Jenny Watson you can find her fav page here
We have worn this one loads too, he has it on today actually.

Another baby vertebrae this time in 4ply hand dyed from deep stash

This was martha's cardigan, the very first thing i made after my 12 week scan with her actually. 

Aww look at my babies, do they look alike? I can't decide

And this is  Linnie that my mam made for him

nom nom nom

look at that sleepy boy 

Back in this gorgeous one. 

This is the Henry cardigan i made which matches his blanket, another favourite, and will def make this in a bigger size. 

This is the bumble hat which my friend from knit night made him, it matches his outfit really well. 

And finishing with a snuggle in his blanket.


So yeh my boy has a lot of gorgeous knits and is getting a good wear out of lots of things, i naturally have more plans for what to make him and will share those plans soon.

Oh have you seen Wool Warehouse have their DROPS SALE on till the end of the month, just if i don't get back before then go back it out, the big merino is one of my faves. 


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