Sunday, 2 August 2015


Hello all. I have been knitting as much as I can to get to my goals I mentioned last time. I have finished the girl hat, finished my Tan House Brook shawl and finished my rainbow mitts!!! Hurray!!!!!
I also did the bonus of finishing one of my Rose city rollers sock, got the toe done and breaking news is I have just finished the heel on the 2nd yay!!! 

I have been a bit crazy today. I want to knit everything. I've been winding some yarn today and just want to knit it all. 

For now. I will show you my FOs that's right finished and blocked and photographed!! Oh yes!!  

It's in a lovely bright yellow from Laal Bear yarns who has since retired. 

I treated myself to a shawl pin. Just a knit pro one so was about £5 but think t looks good. 

Yes you are getting ALL the photos 

It's such a good size. Bigger than my last, I think coz it has silk in the yarn. It could have been blocked more. I literally soaked it and hung it on the washing line. 

So my mitts. Oohhh 

I love them. I managed 2 thumbs in one night thick I'm pleased with coz boy I hate dojng them. These are in my rav projects. Can't link on my phone. 

And this is my first sock. This is Mothy and the squid yard on etsy which is lovely. 

And my 2nd sock 

So yay. I love these too and given I want to knit all the things I am allowing myself a cast on after that as I would have finished 3 things. 

I will be back to show u what I've been stalking on Ravelry and also some fun photos of a adventure me and my girl went on yesterday. 

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Flying visit to share something pretty. 

I mentioned last time I had been playing with Kool Aid dyes. Tonight I got round to caking them up and they look awesome. Loads better than in a skein. 

This is the first one I did which is just a solid colour and a tiny bit of speckling on top. 

And this is the one I did with 2 colours. I'm so pleased with it 

I was worried about the gaps in the yarn as it went from pot to pot but turns out it looks awesome. 

I'm hoping this will maybe self stripe or something like that. But I think this will be socks. 

I've been doing some secret baby knitting as there have been babies left right and centre lately. I have been dojng some secret knitting me so I can show u this. 
I've been working super hard and putting all my projects to one side. 

I've made a list of all the babies still to come. I would love to do garments for all but I just can't as my knitting and the knitting in dojng for Martha is getting side lined. I don't know if I should just bust X amount of hats I need and then it's done or not. 

I made a list of all the WIPS I have at the min in order of how nearly finished they are. 

I've said many time I would like to increase the amount I am knitting garment wise for myself. I have a LOT of ' sweater quantity' as its refered to in my stash and I would love to bust through a good amount of it. 

So that's what's been going on just lately in my little head. Always knitting or plotting what to do next. 

Right best crack on with this hat I am knitting for the 2nd time as the first one was massive!!!! 

Bye for now xx

Sunday, 26 July 2015

These days

I'm I'm I'm Hi all. I am here, Martha has forgotten how to go to bed so we have said goodbye to evenings for the last nearly 2 weeks so blogging and everything has been thin on the ground and blogging time even less. 

But a few pics that are still loading. ( it sends some to iCloud so I can actually use them to blog or something) 

One fun thing or been doing is messing about with kool aid and yarn and it's been fun. I've only done 2 so far but it sure was fun. 

We had last week off ( well most of it) and went here there and everywhere. 
Let me think. 

Tuesday I managed a little tidy up in my room and some furniture shifting so k can actually see my hand dyed yarn 

On Thursday we drove to Ilkley to the outdoor pool which was freezing but very pretty to be around and felt a little like being on holiday. 
I had a disastrous baking attempt for robs birthday the next day 

And we went strawberry picking. 

Yes these are the good ones and don't show Martha crying like a lunatic and insisting on being carried by only me coz she hate the wind. But anyway!

We had a birthday BBQ are robs folks 

Saturday we went to my folks as kt was my godsons birthday on the Sunday and his little sisters on the Saturday. All the birthdays at once!! 

Martha got a new cardi knit by my mam. 

And we went to the beach for a couple hours. We are pretty 'strict' with nap times but had fun while we were there. Even thou it did rain. 

Love this one of the 3 of us. 

The beach is only 30mins from my folks so that's handy. Hate that it's so far in Leeds. 

I've been knitting where I can. When rob comes with us to my folks he drives so I knit on a baby boy hat. 

I did some hooking too. 
And we had lots of giggles and cuddles inbetween.  

That's prob plenty pics for you for now so I'll leave it there. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Wedding outfits

Im struggling to get hold of the photos I took at my cousins wedding the other week but I have got these beauties from my sisters bf.

Naturally they are all of martha lol

I was knitting this little cardigan to go with her dress. 

So yes go and look at how beautiful our girl is! 

I love this one

And this is my favourite.

Family pics are pretty hard to come by these days but these are super fun.

I also knit the Aila Grace Shawl 

Im really pleased with how this turned out, practically speaking it was a bit silly to think I would be able to wear a shawl and run around after Martha too but you know never mind, I have been meaning to knit this for a while and i really like it.

Thats all for now


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