Sunday, 31 January 2016

Campside Cardi

Hi all. I thought I would show you a epic FO today. I must sort out my 2015 round up and 2016 goals before it gets to late but I'm sure you appreciate its a bit of a giant job. 

Anyway I managed to finish my campside cardi in the last couple of weeks so thought I would share the photos. 

It's great for a pregnant belly lol

So there you go. I'm really pleased with how it looks even with the skein that didn't match at all. I loved knitting it and it's much more fun than endless amounts of stocking stitch. I would say it's a easy pattern, just lots of YO so I just used lots of stitch markers and it was fine. I'm pleased with the length as its quite long. 

I have a little yarn left which I might be able to squeeze something little baby sized out of. 

In other news as have painted baby boys nursery this week and said goodbye to my craft room. All my yarn has to stay there as there is no where else but lots of scrappy things have moved to wardrobes etc which was quite tough but it's been about 2 years since I scrapped, but never say never right?? 

I've picked up a old WIP I started on September so been powering on on my
Third Tan House Brook shawl. 

I am now just 4 rows and a cast off away so hoping to get that done today. And then I have some socks to fix as I accidentally used the wrong sized needle on the day I did about 4" on them. Yes  mad. 

Right best go get those 4 rows done. 
Oh and February tomo my last full
Month at work till baby yikes. 

Catch you soon X

Friday, 22 January 2016

It's been a while

Sorry for the giant hiatus that was not planned, but when you get behind on blogging it's really easy to just get further behind. 

So where have I been? I've been poorly tbh nothing major but literally since I blogged I've been poorly. It's been no fun at all. Really hard tbh, making blame very sleepy and I don't feel I have 'achieved' a massive amount. 

We had Christmas. That was great and I had a birthday which was also good. 

I got lots of woolly things for both, or I got money/vouchers and bought wool. 

I am currently poorly again just with a cold but man when you can't breathe you can't really sleep and then your baby in your tummy wakes up and kicks and kicks which is clever and amazing and all but man go to sleep. 

Right enough of that. Oh yes baby boy is doing well and I'm getting pretty big now. 

So what have I been doing crafty wise. I'll just jump in yeh? And so a end of year review plans etc for this year when I'm at my computer not on my phone in bed in the dark. 

I started making a granny stripe blanket for baby boy. After much debate about colour this is what I went with and I really like it. Stylecraft obviously. 
Tomato, spice, saffron, pistachio, sherbet, turquoise, empire, plum, mocha. 

I started another fancy blanket in DebbieBliss  Cashmerino Aran - everything is very baby heavy FYI

This is how it looks so far. The same style as Martha's but with M1 not a YO. 

You will find that jade type colour at the start is my current colour of choice for everything I make baby boy. 

I finished this out of Big Merino and left over cascade from my Lush cardigan. It's Little Coffee Bean or magic coffee bean. I always get them mixed up. 

This is Light Flax by Tincan Knits, they brought a 4ply version so I've been working on that. It's slow going but I have separated for the sleeves now. 

Sorry there is a lot. I've been casting. On like mad. 

I got these beauties in the knitting goddess sale with my birthday money. 

And this 

And this from

Oh and enough cascade to make another Lush cardigan which I have started

Erm this by Mothy and the squid who is my current favourite. 

Socks are going well and sparkly and pretty pretty pretty. 

Hope you're not bored yet. 

Oh a quick birthday pic. There were sweet potato fries involved it was good. 

I got this lovely yarn and made a cardigan and hat for baby boy. I need to go button shopping thou. 

This is Martha being adorable knitting a hat for Tiny Bear as we call him. I not get ready mammy I knitting a hat for tiny bear. Man she's cute. 

Said hat. 

This appears to be the best photo
I have of the cardigan but it's called No fuss baby cardigan or something. It's on my ravelry page. 

What else. Oh I may have had a little fall down in the hobby craft 3 for 2 sale. 

When it's all
Like this in one blog post it looks a bit obsessive right? But mat leave is starting well in a couple of months and there won't be many pennies for woolly things or that's what I'm telling myself. 

In other news 

Martha got even cuter and doesn't stop talking now. 

My belly got big! Currently 27 weeks!

We have been gathering baby kit and the time has come where I loose my 'craft room' / dumping ground. It's a epic job that I've been too poorly to do but we have 2 days off next week to paint so kinda have to do it. 

So yeah that's us
 And that's what's been happening. 

Will attempt a end of year knitting runs up as I'm quite proud of my total this year. 

Hope this epic post hasn't bored you. Don't forget u can find me on ravelry as reward or Instagram as rewardingmemories where I post knitting things. 

Back soon xx

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Giant plans

Thank you for your congrats on my baby boy news. I have to say I am still quite in shock, obviously a 50/50 chance but I think when you have one you assume the next will be the same. 

So this week I've lived on ravelry or wool websites or the like. Seriously 5.30 on Tuesday morning I was on ravelry. 

I'm just dojng a wuxik post on my phone so don't have any links but they are all in my queue on ravelry and my username is Reward. So I'm gonna hit you with photos and ideas and stuff. Ok? 

I love love this. It's Little Coffee Bean, I've made this many times and basically casting on these exact colours. 


What else ? 

This is cute too. I think it's all about the colours really. And by everything has to be blue right?  I like brights. 

I pulled out Martha's box of knitwear that didn't fit and this is what I've come up with that will work for baby boy. 

Not many. 

I won't pretend I'm not a bit sad not to use some of these beauties again. 

But maybe they will have another life with close friends, so many memories on them. 

Blanket ideas are also throwing me. 

My current plan is a knitted chevron one and a crochet one. I'm thinking 'boy colours' for one and rainbow for the other. 

And yes I did buy some wool. I got the new stylecraft colours, some are nicer than others. I love mustard and pistachio are lovely. The blue is nice too but I forget the name. 

I love big merino and just needed a few more boy colours as lots of mine are pinks or purples. 

The blue 4ply merino is for the Playful Cardigan by Tincan knits, they have tons of good boy/baby/matchy patterns. 

I played about with my yarn pegs the other day and quite like this. Thou I need to wrap a few more that I have. 

My little helper was quite interested in them. 

This is one I made my friend in the summer and has always been a favourite. 

I will prob just stick to granny stripe. I would love a ripple or a Elmer style or the corner to corner that Little Tin Bird does but I'm not 'clever' enough. I'm
Not good at learning new things lol. 

I went to knit night tbe other day with no projects. None. I normally take about 5 for a 2.5hr trip lol. I did take yarn though. 

I bought a navy to team with this gorgeous green which I had left over from a cardigan I knit my friends son. It's Snuggly and I think it's called little gem. Or something like that. 

It's coming along well. Hoping to tie the sleeves off today. 

So that's what I've been doing this week as well as the usual work, looking after my child. 
We've just come back from a great week at center Parcs so I will share some pics ASAP. 

This popped up on my timehop today. Another knit that can't be used but can use the pattern again which is a win

Oh and I had my Christmas work party last night. 

Getting pretty bumpy. I had someone tell
Me yesterday I was tiny and someone else say I was really big. People are funny arent they?? 

Right best get back to knitting. Oh I mean looking after my child lol 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

And we are having.........

We can't quite believe it. A whole new challenge and a whole load of brand new things to knit for our baby boy!! Lol 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Tiny Lush

So another FO I got done is Martha's Lush I have been dragging my feet with this and I should have as its super cute.

She's getting harder to photograph lately.

But this is her playing in my mams garden though she said it was Too cold mammy, windy! Yes but you need photos of your cardigan!

This is her talking to daddy! Yes she thinks every Gnome and fairy and statue and anything like that is daddy, we have no idea where this came from but she had a whole conversation with him. 

I used drops merino in the dk, because i am stupid i didn't use the same dyelot, I have had lots of bother with this lately and i didn't realise till i blocked it, boo hiss!

One thing i need to do is do a crochet row to pull it on at the neck as it looks a bit like its falling off her shoulders so i must get that done.

This was our first attempt at photos, we went to Chapel Allerton to Baa Ram Ewe, she was grumpy and would not pose but I live this one and obviously AMAZING outfit!

And she carried my bag for me hee hee! 
She did great but then announced she was done! All done wool shop mammy she said more shops bye bye wool. She's so darn funny she just kills me

I have her Antler to work on still and the Wowligan so must crack on with them before i start babys knits. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Socks socks socks

I am a bit obsessed with making socks lately, you may have noticed.

I bought a lovely haul just after Yarndale from Fab Funky Fibres and I got my first pair finished for Socktober which is when you work on socks in October, but you know that right.

So this is Autumn Rainbow, I love them, they are so fun, muted which i don't normally do but man these are so pretty. 

I used just a standard sock pattern 

I also worked on the socks through Socktober, these are the Rose City Rollers

This is my 2nd pair of these and they are super quick and fun.  

I was kindly gifted this yarn from Kate from A Playful day podcast, it is Candy Skein which is an American yarn and so pretty. I haven't made socks that aren't self striping for a while.

I must try harder to do that as I have lots of it.

So there you are thats my socks, Im pleased to have been able to get things finished despite looking after my small person and growing a small person.

I keep meaning to make martha some socks but yeh I wanna knit for me,

Oh I forgot to show you.

I finally wore my clear boots when I went to the farm the other day.

Ive had these a while now and haven't really had a chance to wear them yet.

Yes it was Halloween aren't they fun, I got them in Primark a couple months ago and they were made £10 which i think is great.


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