Saturday, 16 May 2015

Holiday prep

We are heading away for a week in a lovely caravan in Northumberland so I have been planning and prepping. 

Geez babies need lots of stuff. I did 10 outfits inc vests and socks and knitwear and put them in carrier bags so either of us can just grab them and they are all ready. Clever huh!! 

I sorted through this little lot of stash tk match up projects. I recent sold a ton of yarn so I could get some more lol. Wool warehouse have a great Drops sale on at the min and I only had the odd ball so I got more so I could actually make a garment. 

These are 99% for martha. 

Thou this is for another Madame Entrechat. Yes Navy I must be mad. 

I cast on a couple of projects including this the other night. 
I started a mini Entrechat for the pile of 2015 babies. Seriously it's getting silly now. Think I know about 16 due now! 

We headed to the shops the other day in search of some holiday bits 

Still not walking but wanting to walk everywhere. I like to do things fast. I say go go go lots. Martha now says this lots and has now adapted it to no no no! Which is hilarious but naughty too. 

Anyways back to knitting. 
This is my pile im taking. Yes far too much. 
I have .......
A 30% finished baby crochet blanket
My striped mittens 
My striped socks
A mini Entrechat. Which is nearly done 
My Madame Entrechat
My Neon which ive not touched in one million years. Erm I think that's it. 

I also cast on this in the car on the way to my folks. 

It is another Owls jumper. I have 4 of these but it's the thing I wear the most so thought a mustard one would be good. This is what I did on the hour journey. Quite pleased with myself. 

I may have cast a secret something on with some of this yarn but it's secret for someone. 

I also may have got a few books. Yes it does appear I may be forgetting about the whole small person to look after on holiday but here is what I figure. She naps everyday for normally 2 hours. And in theory I have every evening. We have v v little internet connection so I won't get distracted by the Internet. And we are going to places nearly every day so there is car knitting. 

Some of my favourite podcasts have just been downloaded so that's exciting. So Yeh I think I'm all set. It's due to be a very mixed week so we may get a bit wet but this is England and Sod's law so we are gonna make the most of it. 

Hopefully I will have lots to show When I get back. But finally. Coz she is adorable 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

WIP Wednesday

I have been a busy bee lately and picked up some old WIPS, i wanna cast on all the things but am trying to resist so this is what I've been working on. 

This is how i left it, ill be honest i thought it was bigger than this.

But i put a bit of a tent in it and re remembered what to do.

Ive been working on the baby boy cardigan i am doing for my friend.

Few rounds on my socks

Another old Wip is my 3 colour cashmere cowl 

I managed to get the lace done in a day, well afternoon nap and evening time.

I started the next bit just before bed and continued on my lunch hour.

and then a little bit in bed while i was reading, I am trying to read again a bit more i am reading Last Anniversary so wanted to try and get into it a little more.

Next lunch hour i knit on some new mitts using my Fab funky fibres yarn i got for my birthday, i decided to do mitts instead of socks with it this time.

I have also been sewing as i took a half day and have been a very busy bee making my girl some cute things.

So yeah i work on quite a lot in the week, i am now about to start to plan for my holiday knitting as we are going to northumberland for a week soon so i must plan plan plan.

What are you working on???

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Madame Entrechat

Well I have seriously busted through this latest garment. I really wanted to make more garments this year and so far I'm doing pretty well actually. 

I finished my Antler, Central Park Hoodie, Shalom, and now this cute little number. I am planning to make yet another Owls jumper in a lovely Mustard. I still have very grand plans of more things I want to make. 

But back to my latest garment

I LOVE this little cardigan so much. 

It's such a cute shrug. I have been wanting one for ages that goes with lots of things. 

I love these textured stitches so much. 

And the yarn oh the yarn, I splashed it s little on Malibrigo but it was so worth it. It's so soft and lovely and this has been such a pleasure to make. I really enjoyed just knitting it rather than just wanting it finished. 

Then back has a lovely little flare on it without being crazy. It has a short row curve which I was apprehensive about but I followed the instructions which was for German Short Rows and WOW it was amazing. So much neater than any other short row I have ever done, I will def use that in the future. I normally avoid patterns with short rows but now I'm feeling a little braver. 
So Yes I would really recommend this pattern and for little ones too. We need a matchy matchy pic of me in mine and my girl in hers. 

I may now need one in every colour. I'm thinking maybe Navy, or dark brown or grey. Just for a more goes with everything. 
Drops has a huge huge sale on at the moment so thinking maybe Big Merino as that is a lovely squishy yarn that I did Marthas in. 

I need to plan my next garment immediately. I've picked up a couple WIPs in the mean time thou. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


So some things don't change, I have 1 million WIPS so these are a few things on my needles.

I got these lovely colours for my friends baby boy that is due at the end of June.

And these, grand old plans and I'm running out of time. 

This is a cute little Garter stitch cardigan I am planning to stripe it with the mustard, must get moving on this, it is now separated on the sleeves but i dont have a picture to hand but its getting there and is lovely, i actually bought some more of this colour because i like it so much for martha 

My lovely friend Emily got me this stamp for my birthday and I finally put it to use for my friends baby shower a couple of weeks ago.

Aren't they cute, i put on the back what size they are and how to wash them.

Last Sunday I cast on the lovely Tan House Brook Shawl, I have knit one of these before and loved it so I thought i would do another one 

I cast this on on the 26th and I am actually blogging on the 29th, so i think i have done a fair old bit. 

It is actually a bit longer than this photo which was pretty late at night, this pattern is just gorgeous and so additive. 

What else?? Yes there is more these are my 'active WIPS' 

My afterthought heel socks I just worked on these a little bit this past week but i only needed a couple of inches before i put in the afterthought heel so did a little on my lunch break the other day.

And read my book. Im reading The last anniversary I love her books and have loved them all you must go and get them now. 

So thats whats been going on lately, I thought i would try and check in more if i can, I have been a bit obsessed with knitting podcasts lately and while i don't think i would ever be brave enough to do that i might maybe blog in the style of it. So wips, fo, new stash, that kinda thing so will see how it goes. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

A bluebell walk

So on a normal day I suggested going to the pub for our tea, so we did and afterwards we went for a little walk. This was a special little walk, we were in the little woods where we used to live.

We had our engagement photos in the woods, and on my time hop app it turned out it was 4 years ago the very same day, funny eh?

So Martha isn't quite walking herself so still has some help.

She walked SO far with us, it was all up hill and woodland type walking.

We got some gorgeous photos. 

She really liked having a explore. 

She walks so fast when holding a hand from each of us and slower with one. 

But she's still our little shuffle bum.


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