Thursday, 11 September 2014

For Sale

Hi, as i have mentioned before I have been meaning to have a clear out, i have sold a fair amount of things on the Facebook selling group (UK Scrapbooking / Paper Crafts : Buy, Sell, Swap and Trade)

But these are the last few bits I had so thought would pop over here too.

1- I bought this in the US and haven't seen it in the UK, this was perfect for crops etc as not too big, has 3 compartments inside along with zipped compartments and several pockets on the outside, the bag zips up and has a nice length handle on it, it is used but is in great condition £18 inc postage happy to combine postage (happy for collection in leeds)

                                                                             REDUCED TO £15

2- Doodlebug House, brand new in packet- £4 inc postage happy to combine postage

3- Fiskars £6 inc postage

4- Bought in the US- £5 inc postage

6- 12x12 paper storage, £8 inc postage, happy to combine.- SOLD

7- Happy Birthday stamps, only a couple used, £2.50 inc postage

8- collection of stamps, all used, circles has one with dots and the other has little squares, forget the make, the darker flower has squares on it too. £4 inc postage

9- stamps, only one used £1.50 inc postage

10- cloud stamps, both used but great condition £2 inc postage -SOLD

11- One says NOTE and other says DATE, both used but in good condition £2 inc postage- SOLD

12- cinema ticket stub, one part used only £2 inc postage-SOLD

13- large stamp, may have been used once £2 postage

14- this is a double sided block, they are pretty stuck on there, one if the circle and great for journalling £4 inc postage

15- mix of brads, 8 wedding ones, 42 piece christmas brads, 12 coloured snowflakes and 25 silver ones. £5 inc postage.

16. 23 remaining halloween chipboard buttons. 
                                      could remove from packaging and use normal stamp £2 postage.

17. Papermania Trolley, I have this for sale on ebay at the min, you can find it here- SOLD

18. Selection of stickers, all used but still many left on here, alphas, etc £5 inc postage

19- 2 cropper hoppers which holds 12x12 paper £8 inc postage 

I would like paypal for payment and happy to combine postage where possible, or can pick up larger items in Leeds. 

I am also debating selling my desks as well so if there is any interest in them please let me know. 

Mine looks like this but is white. it has a great magnetic board on the right. 


my email is at the side bar on the right so please get in touch.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

2 Years

 Yesterday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary, its funny how it feels like 2 minutes ago and ages ago at the same time. Lately with Martha's birthday approaching, i have been playing a good old game of 'this time last year', i fear i will be playing it for the next couple of weeks.

So last anniversary I was 2 days off my due date and pretty darn massive, we managed a walk/hobble to the place we got engaged in Roundhay Park and that was about it. 

Yesterday we spend the day with friends and our gorgeous little girl, so much chances in a year with a baby, she wasn't here this time last year, 2 weeks off coming actually yet look at her.

She can say mama and dada and move around and is all kinds of awesome. 

so i felt a little collage was needed. 

In the evening we went out for a meal to Reds in Headingley, neither of us had been before but we had heard good things. 

With my slimming world hat slipping slightly i got a burger and rem 2 portions of fries. 

Rob got a donut burger, yes 2 burgers in a donut, yak! 

he seemed to like it. 

We crashed pretty quickly after we got in as we are both struggling with a cold at the min and lovely early mornings aren't helping martha lily!

Today, Rob was off again yay!

The day thankfully started at a nice sensible time of 7.15 so we had 10 hours sleep yet we both still felt rough. 

This is Marthas concentrating face its brilliant isn't it, her daddy pulls the exact same face. 

We are trying to focus a little more on the fun lately, as we find when rob is off we spend a good portion of our day just doing jobs and not going out and having 'outside fun' fun thats not just sitting in the garden, as nice as that can be, you always think, well i should be doing the dishwasher or XYZ.

So we just packed up a few things for martha and headed out for a hour or so to Roundhay Park.

We took martha on her little trike. 

She helpfully carried the picnic blanket. 

She thought the birds were great, they were very loud and she loved it.

She waved at them all. 

We made our way up to 'our bandstand' but the photos completely failed here and there was a wasp nest but you can't win them all. 

We did nip over to the other bandstand. I remember taking a photo standing in this exact spot with a very very big bump.

So thought it would be fun to recreate it. 

I foolishly didn't take my wedding necklace off from the night before but martha thought it was brill. 

And as we are reflective here is a little comparison again of how far we have come. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bee in my bonnet again!

I'm terrible I know. I have recently fallen down the fabric rabbit hole. I live on Pinterest and eBay lately. 

It started when I visited my friend Jen and she had a gorgeous fabric shop 3 doors down from her house!!! 

I added to my collection with a few from
Leeds market. 

I lusted after fabric 


But got this for a steal

I don't know if it's for Martha or me yet but it's nearly blanket season so I thought id get a head start. 

I used this template for my quilt idea 

But in the mean time I bought patterns

I did some sewing when I could. Our kitchen is directly under Martha and my craft room directly next to it so I set up camp in the living room or at my mams when I went there. 

I managed to get the top of the quilt all sewn on a Sunday morning at my folks. I need to add a border and do the rest. 

I haven't had chance since but I went and got the backing fabric and enough to make a skirt for me. 

Martha was helping and as her hands were clean she was allowed to touch things lol. 

I want to make Martha all the things. I have managed a little skirt but no good pics. I did have a couple of friends round for a sewing baby grp. Yes it was a crazy as it sounded 
But the girls had fun and got a skirt to take home. 

Will keep you updates on my progress. I have sold a ton of scrappy things lately so slowly sorting my craft room. Be nice to have a sewing area but we will see. Everything seems to take 10 times longer than I think. Especially now Martha is crawling/shuffling after me touching everything she shouldn't. 

See ya mammy lol. 

Back soon x


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