Saturday, 21 February 2015


Started with a poorly snotty baby, after perking up we went to the local farm for a very quick trip. Bit of picnic playing first 

Then to the farm, to see some lambs. 

And a few gorgeous pics 

During a very unsettled naptime I tried to tackle a bit of crochet. I can granny stripe but that's about it. So I used Heathers Elmer square, sorry on my phone so can't link. 

I frogged it many many times. Do u like my crochet hook, it was a birthday pressie from my friend Laura. 

I went wrong a fair few times but got it eventually. 


We will ignore the crying grumpy baby and swiftly move onto her happily playing with a bowl and spoon and a wrapper. 

We will also ignore the 3 HR bedtime this evening but in between lots of rocking and stuff. I managed another square

I'm pretty pleased I got there in the end, with a lot of help from my pals. 
And now it's bedtime so I guess that's my day. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Has been crazy lately which is why I haven't blogged. It was my birthday 6 weeks ago and I have been poorly since then with various things, Marthas been on and off too and poor hubby had his wisdom teeth out, and martha has forgot how to go to bed and sleep so life has been erm busy we will call it. 

Flying visit as I should be getting ready for work. 
Knitting wise. I started the 3 colour cashmere cowl which seems to be exploding on Ravelry, it will be a long slow project but pretty. 

These are my colours I wanna use, all have special memories, first socks I finished, Wilma shawl, first cardi I made martha, and honeymoon yarn. It's gonna be pretty. I'm gonna add a self striping in too I think. 

Martha is being lovely despite the lack of sleep. And seems so big these days

She has taken a shine to my wool and carrying thins in her mouth 

We got a couple new additions this weekend, we don't have a great fish record but martha thins they are fab. 

Right Babyface is awake so I best get dressed and get to work/nursery. 

Hope everyone is well. Xx

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


What am I doing now??? 

I am very slowly recovering from a kidney infection. So been sitting & knitting and listening to this. 

I'm properly addicted to it. Any spare second. I've had this on kindle and just not got around to reading it so I got it on audible. Go get it now!!! 

I am currently knitting a pair of mittens for myself in a magazine I downloaded. It's by Clare Devine called Crumpet Mittens

However as its a magazine pattern and there aren't any other projects on Ravelry, but it appears the instructions for the left mitt is actually the right mitt so that's pretty odd. 

Marthas obviously in bed now but we have just been watching videos of her so I'm adding a pic of her too. 

I'm also sadly listening to my neighbours alarm which has been going off LOADS lately. Thankfully doesn't disturb Martha but it sure does drive us mental. 

What are you doing now? 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Done done done!!

Finally finally finished!!! 

This has been on the needles FAR too long. 
It needs a good old soak to soften up. Be back with some proper pics soon. 

Oh and look.......

Martha has been loads better today. Yay!!! 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


So me and my chums often play #widn What I'm doing now. 

So this is #widn

I've just started a baby blanket for Marthas keyworker at nursery who is expecting a boy in March. 

So these are my colours. 
Petrol, pumpkin, aspen, parchment, lime

I've been using my new hook i got from my friend Laura for my birthday a couple weeks ago. 

And this is how it's looking now 

I have been catching up on the Stash and Burn podcast this week which iTunes kindly deleted from my library so I've had about 5 to listen to. 

We've had a tough old week so far with Marthas teething and generally being very unhappy but pleased my working week is done and I can be available for cuddles when she needs them. 
I've been working super hard on all my other WIPs which I will show you soon. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

2014 Knitting Round Up!

So I am finally getting around to sorting out my favourite knits, I don't think I can put them in order as such and I have knit some things that i was really pleased with mainly for Martha but then for whatever reason they didn't get much wear.

So lets take a look!

I think when i counted the other day i did 43 knitted items, which in theory is a lot but i did 72 in 2013, so the key is to have maternity leave before the baby arrives lol!

having thought about this, i have looked on revelry and there are a fair few i haven't tagged with the 2014 tag, and quite a few i started in 2013 and finished in 2014 so that took quite a bit of time.

So 2014 I knit...

Adult Hat- 7
Garments for me- 2
Socks 2
Baby Hat- 12
Baby Garments- 12
Baby Blanket 6

Anyway lets start

Im really pleased with this one, it was a quick knit as its fun to keep adding to it and finishing the repeat

Emissary, is one that falls into the i love but she really hasn't worn it due to reason i guess and Martha runs a little small size wise. 
I plan to do this one again, they have released a DK version so I will give that a go soon.

Zig Zag Blanket Oooh this is one of my favourites, we use this lots, it was a lot of work a knitted blanket, i normally crochet them but i would only knit for my girl.

I have become rather addicted to self striping socks lately and this pattern was shaking up the normal vanilla sock, a step up if you will. 

This has been a firm favourite this year, though i made 2 actually for Martha and they were huge on her so i fell out of love with it but i tried again for friends and they came out much better. 

This is a recent one and i will def knit this again soon, this was a super quick knit for my girl. 

I added this little hat to my go to baby hat, I love this little pattern and i have made quite a few now, though yet to make one for my girl.

So I think that will do as that has taken well over a hour to do so i hope someone reads it!

So mainly knits for martha or baby related, 2015 is the year of knitting for me, i have one million garments planned, i want to knit socks lots of them too as i have yummy 4ply.

And thats all for now, what did you make in 2014???

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2 Years on

2 years ago we found out there was a baby in my belly. 2 years that what? It feels ages ago and like it was yesterday. 
Sometimes I don't believe there was a baby in my belly and when I look at my pregnancy pics I was rather massive and had a cracking round bump ( if I do say so myself) 

So I just wanted to have a little reflect. 

This is martha on 6th Jan last year, she had just started to get fun. Tiny babies are hard work and u get nothing back but by 3mths she had started to be a little person and get fun. 

Thou not nearly as fun as she is now. 
She's amazing now like truly fabulous. She's been clingy lately but the last couple weeks she's just been amazing, no snotty colds waking us up and eating well and learning. Man she learns every day. I love just watching her learn something. She's SO clever. 

If you hadn't spotted we got her some little shoes

They were sat on my desk making me happy at work today. 

So there you go 6th Jan will always be special to us. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Today we have been to a 1st Birthday party. 

I put martha in a little dress I had made her which I'm not sure if I showed you or not. 

It is reverable but can I heck get my button hole thing to work so I had to pick a side so this is it. 

Her little tights which I love are from Frugi, got them sale as they are pricey but gorgeous. 

My mam recently finished Sweet Bunting for martha which matched her dress perfectly today. 

This is her new favourite face to pull. Lovely isn't it? I think it has something to do with me having a cold all week and being a bit snotty. 

And a actual smile

Just a flying visit tonight. Got to get my sock cast off. Trailing Clouds- mind the gap. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas 2014.

Hi all, just a flying visit to share some pics of our Christmas, it was a great and hectic one. 

We helped Granny decorate her tree a week or so before christmas and nice to spend more than a rushed 30mins as i normally do on visits home. 

Ho Ho Ho 

I finally got the poppers on marthas christmas dress and the armholes are a tiny bit small which I'm a bit gutted about but its very cute. 

Rob was working christmas eve but we made it back just in time to see santa who drives round the streets near my folks on christmas eve, we used to do this all the time when we were little but it was robs and marthas first time and he was confused why there were people in the streets lol. 

Martha was excited by her bag of pressies. 

Martha was clearly trying to get on the naughty list and up a million times in the night so we ended up only waking up a 8am which was very much needed. 

She clocked the sweets straight away. 

She got tons of lovely noisy presents. 

Always time for a quick pic with my girl. 

She loves this blooming tea pot. 

I got Rob a new coat to keep him warm at the bus stop on those early early mornings at the bus stop. 

I got some lovely presents, including a new coat too, and a Knitter badge and slippers and new knitting book, lots and lots of lovely things

Granny & grandad came round, well mine her great grandparents, it gets confusing. 

and a quick at the 

I do love a little comparison shot, last year and this year! My how my baby has grown. 

We managed a few shots before everyone left at like 3.45 and i don't have the group one as normal 

We then drove back to leeds and dropped our presents off and headed to robs folks, we headed to the NEXT sale early ish on boxing day and got plenty of 2-3 winter clothes which I'm pleased about, then we got to opening pressies.
Martha loved her wheels on the bus moving book, 

We hung out a little and played with toys

Martha hadn't made it to lunch the day before coz we put her to bed as it would be a bit quieter as everyone would be eating but she made it this day.

A little look at last year lol 

We played a few games while martha slept. 

and took a few pics, again not got all of them. 

We managed a couple of hours play time at home before martha went to bed and we just collapsed. 

So there you have it gone in the blink of a eye.
Hope you all had a lovely christmas


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