Saturday, 16 April 2016


Our most beautiful son Theodore Robert 

He arrived by planned section on Wednesday 13th April at 11.47am weighing 7Ibs 1oz

He has the most beautiful dark hair just like his daddy. 

We are home and doing well if not a little sore & slow but not a patch on last time.

Theo has the most wonderful big sister & she's been great. 

So we are all just getting to know our new addition who does have the softest hair in the world. 

I can't get over just how cute he is 

And he's been rocking the knitwear of course 

So yeh trying for slow lazy days while I heel up, sadly & insanely annoyingly I still have this rotten cold & a cough and a section don't go well together. I also still can't hear so yeh I wanna say I could be better. 

But all completely worth it. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Pebble Beach Shawl

Hi all. So one of my pre baby goals was to finish my pebble beach shawl. It was a bit shawl with long old rows and fiddly 'lace' and I knew that it would be left. 

Anyway.  I worked and worked and worked. And it's done!!! 

My sister v v kindly blocked it for me ( one step too far for my giant belly) 

Yesterday we went to the farm so I took my shawl to get some pics. 

Pretty isn't it. It's big but really shallow. Is it called crescent shaped? 

Cute isn't it. Really pleased with the photos too. 
So glad to have this finished. 

I got a couple of bumpy pics too. 

I'm so nearly there. Yay! I'm still stupidity poorly, I'm pretty sure I'll be having this baby with a completely blocked ear ( seriously I can't hear) and a stupid heavy cold. It just won't go. Yes I'm fed up. 

But you best fake smile and nice family pic 

I'm excited about what's to come with our little family it's so lovely right now that it can only get more awesome.

I'm hoping to pre blog a few posts but my blog is a bit all over the place so never mind. 

Talk soon x

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

All the FO's

Hi me again. I've lost track of what I've shared and what I haven't tbh but I had s button party last week so lots of things are done done. Also it was the dullest slowest frustrating party ever but they are done. 
Few things didn't require buttons. 
Little newborn hat. Seriously his baby has about 5 newborn hats. 

This is a current favourite. It's a funny old pattern which you can find on my rav page but I'm so pleased with how this came out. 

And more 
I really like this one too and have just made another in a newborn size. I think it's called fuss free cardigan or something. 

This is the lovely knitcol yarn. It has white smiley face buttons coz Martha likes them. 

And this I finished a good while ago. 

My current favourite colour. 
This is 6-12 project is on rav. 

And I finished a In Threes cardigan for my girl again in my favourite colour
She picked the buttons. 

I've also finished socks. These have been on the needles since January and with maybe 2 days till the end of the month I was half way down the leg on one and powered through and got them done by the end of the month. Whoop. 

I got this yarn with birthday pennies. 

I also finished a hat for me. I finished it a while ago but it was too small so I was very good and frogged it back and added a couple of inches. I loved this hat from seeing it at the season launch at baa ram ewe so I'm glad I'm able to have done it. 

I got a few more here and there but will share those another day. Best go wake my small person and hope she's well enough for nursery. Seriously we have been poorly on and off for weeks/months and I'm SO sick of it. I don't have time to sleep I need to knit!!
Back soon xx

Sunday, 3 April 2016

What's not on the needles??

HFrankly there isn't much not on the needles. I have been casting on like crazy this and I don't care. I never did the whole 'nesting' thing with Martha frankly the concept bugs me, yes tidy and prepare before baby comes but I'm not sure I believe in it. 

However I do believe in casting on ALL of the things before baby comes and getting everything to a nice 'easy' point that should you manage a little knitting here and there then you can do it without loosing your mind. 

We all know the digging out the needles and casting on and starting and trying figure out where increases and patterns go is frankly a pain so if I can get past those 'tricky' bits then that's great. 

Or even better finish projects I know I've not got a chance of doing coz it's a more complicated pattern or they are long old rows.  

Anyway so on the needles currently. 

I picked up my pebble bean head shawl which I've had on the needles for ages. It's been 'stuck' at 20% so I thought I would try and finish is. I thought if I did say 5% a day then it would be done before baby right? 

So I've been really good at doing my 5% I hadn't done it by 10.30 the other night and I sat up ( like a crazy person) and did it. And then I woke up silly early and did my 5% the next day 

Can you see how additive this could be? Oh I'll just get to the next % 

And then the other day I did like 25% in a day and now I'm on 60%. Now the rows are getting longer but I'm still keeping up. 

Erm what else? I've been trying to finish loads of things to and have managed but that will be in a March round up
But I have had some big fat ticks on my
List this week. 

So I thought I would cast on a couple of garments for me, who doesn't need garments at what nearly 38 weeks pregnant?

Anyway I did, a jumper and a cardi and 2 pairs of socks 

This is Arlin which is a lightweight cardigan with a plain top and eyelets in the bottom
 So I'm trying to get to tieing the sleeves off. It's going well so far and I should be able to do it. It's a lovely melon type colour, it's a Rico dk merino 

And this is Prairie fire by Tin can knits and has been on my list forever 

I have done more than this but not for a pic. This is a bit trickier and I had to have some pattern help at knit night this week. My weeks are numbered at my lovely knit night so I'm taking ALL the questions in while I can. 

I cast on a pair of socks the other week and put a dent in those for the Harry Potter knit along that seems to be doing along on lots of podcasts. Ok Inside Number 22 and Knitting Bromsticks ( my fave) 

This is London House Yarns in Bertie Botts every flavour beans or something like that. Her yarn is gorgeous if you can catch a update coz they go fast!! 

Erm I think that's all I have in 'rotation' at the min. I've finished some big sewing projects this week which I'll share soon and I'm aiming to make Martha a dress this week. 

No I forgot. About 2pm yesterday I got s bee on my bonnet ( I do that). 

This bee 

I got this Debbie Bliss for Christmas and been excited to use it and I just wanted to cast on. So yesterday I did and I can't seem to put it down

It's flying along 

How nice are those colours??  I have now tied the sleeves off and knit the whole body and nearly finished a sleeve. Super proud so hopefully it should be finished today. I still have some grand plans this week for casting more tiny baby things off so let's see how far I get. 

In other news yeh I'm pretty pregnant now. This and a bit. 
But I'm ok, Martha has been poorly
The last few days so that's not
Been fun but hopefully getting out the way before her baby brother arrives and gives him all the germs. 

Speaking of Martha. 

This girl is amAzing she's so so funny and the things she comes out with is so funny. Her current favourite is No mammy I can't do XYZ I'm too pregnant! Now where has she got that from. 
She's gonna be a awesome
Big sister and I'm really interested is the wrong word but can't wait to see what she thinks when he is actually here. She includes him constantly in games and brings him some fake food and asks if tiny bear is coming where ever we are going too. 

It's so gonna be a interesting ride. 

P.s I understand my phone did quite a comic autocorrect last week which amused you all. I have woolly blankets not willie related ones lol. 

Think that's about it

Catch you soon xx

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Tick tick tick

Hello all/anyone. I'm still here. Today I thought I would share some of the pre baby goals I've been getting through. 

I set myself a few goals shall we say and this week which was my first maternity leave week has been quite productive. 

I finished another pair of Rose City Rollers socks in Felt Fusion yarn

I tried the afterthought heel again. It's been a while since I used this coz my socks were so baggy but it's my first time since I've gone from 64 stitches down to 54 and it's worked well. 

I also did a rounded toe for the first time. 

What else....

A massive tick went to finishing baby boys quilt. This is very simple really and this is for his rocky chair in his room. I've used a combo of fabrics but I had my eye on the balloon fabric for the longest time. 

I made another little floor mat size one in some More fabric I have loved for a long time. The lovely fox fabric 

They were big big ticks on my list and I'm so so happy to have them done. 

A few weeks ago I finished some willy blankets for the baby but only just 
got around to photographing them. 

I finished my crochet one a while ago and Martha has been stealing it ever since

I'm really pleased with the colours on this. I wanted it 'boyish' but not just all the blues. This is the extent on my crochet skills. I would love a square one or a ripple or a corner to corner etc but yeh my skills don't stretch quite that far. 

And I made a knitted one. 

This is my favourite thing I've made him. It's a chevron babh blanket. I've used a mix of yarns but mainly Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. 

I made a similar one for Martha after she was born but love this and it's def going in my hospital bag. 

Finally a goal for me. I started a Lush cardigan a bit ago and really wanted it to the easy part so I worked super hard and got the lace finished and blocked it on a ironing board to save crawling on the floor

It's hard to really tell but I did the yoke and then tied off the sleeves. It's a fun construction but now it's just ready for endless stocking stitch

Yeh hard to photograph. 

I've got a few more to share but that will do for now. 

Pregnancy wise I'm frankly nearly blooming there at erm 36 + weeks. Whoop. Feeling a bit massive and things getting a bit harder and I have had more
Colds than u can shake a stick at which have been slowing me down but so close. 

I'm a little bit comedy bump size now 

 And no I don't have a coat that fits

Right this pesky loosing a hour isn't ideal so I'm gonna get up and maybe stick a sewing pattern together coz I have a whole day and a half to myself this week while my small person is at nursery. 

You have a lovely Easter

Back soon xx


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