Friday, 24 October 2014


So lately, actually for a while I have been cast on happy. Yesterday as I snuggly looked at Ravelry to see I had like 3 WIPs  and was chuffed. Then as I was looking for something in the draw found tons of WIPs. So yesterday I sat and added them to Ravelry and today during naptime I photographed them. 

So I have tons, tons and tons. 

This is Antler. A cardigan I started well before martha came and said I would knit on it in the early days lol. How funny. I am steeking it so it's easier. I have recently picked this up again. 

I started this on maybe Tuesday night. Been meaning to make this for a while our office runs slightly to very cold so yay for wearing shawls. 

I've actually made loads of progress in this. 
I've worked on it all night so it's even bigger now. This is yarn I got at Woolfest 2012. As is Antler above actually. 

This is just a simple baby hat I am making for my neighbour who is expecting next month. Idea is its a bit xmassy. It's called Little Scallops. I've knit it for gifts a few times and it's v cute. 

This one is for martha. Thou I started it a while ago so may not fit anymore lol. 

A bigger granny stripe for martha is also on the go and getting not a lot of love lately. 

Thou what I have done is v pretty 

I have started one for my neighbour but I've literally done the first row but the colours are on Ravelry. 

Sorry blogging on my phone and it's acting up. 

This is just a basic little hat for the next baby girl that arrives. Knit in cotton. 
Think magic coffee bean hat. Started this a million years ago and been sat for ages. 

This is the Great Divine shawl. This is very fancy yarn. I forget what it is now but it's dreamy. The pink I got on my honeymoon on our very first day in LA, it's Malibrigo. 
The other is fyberspates something and is v v v v v soft, I treated myself. This is a fun pattern but I haven't really got going on it yet. 

I have toe up self striping socks too from Trailing Clouds. My friend was de stashing this yarn and I've been after it for ages so was very happy to snap it up. 

I think that's it for now other ones I don't have photos on my phone. But I have another Central Park hoodie, and other Neon, and something cute for Martha. 
Oh I do have a pic of that. 

I've been making it to knit night every now and again. 

So yes there are quite a few!! 

How many WIPs do you have??? 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I did it

I or we should I say survived our first week back at work. And you know it wasn't too bad. 
Monday I felt ok about as martha was with my folks so she barely give me a backwards glance as I left. 

I packed a epic slimming world friendly lunch the night before. I didn't wanna run out of food lol. And I didn't. 

So Monday was fine. Nice to see lots of old friends at work. Martha was excited to see me when I got in and I made t home in good time. 

Tuesday was quite different. I had to have us both up and dressed and in the car for 7.45. 
I tried to prepare as much as I could but still found things to improve on. 

But we were reasonably ready to go on time. Sadly martha was very sad at nursery as I left which is v difficult to walk away from. 

I made it to work by the skin of my teeth and when I rang a couple hours later she was still upset :( 

I rang later and she was a bit happier. Rob finishes earlier on a mon and tues so he went to get her. She seemed ok in the end. 

She had only slept for 30mins all day so was erm fun during dinner time. We had a little play and then it was bedtime. I hate not seeing her and I missed her loads. 

Today I had a few more things sorted like the change may and nappy ready with her clothes ready and things. So not as stressful as Tuesday. 

Another tough drop off for my girl but I had to get to work so was go go go. 
I loved finishing at 12 thou. Very indulgent. 

Martha did tons better today. She cried for a bit after I left but was much happier and loved her lunch especially her pudding. I wonder who she gets that from erm daddy!! 

So there you go. It's not as bad as I thought being back. I didn't have martha obviously when I was last there so it's not like I'm somewhere I'm used to being with her like home for example. 
It's nice to see everyone and catch up and nice to feel I'm contributing to the household again. 

So now I have 4 days with my darling girl. 
She's been napping all afternoon so I've been knitting and watching a film which has been lovely. 
So here is hoping next week improves a little more. 
Thanks for your well wishes. 

Speak soon

Rachel. X

Thursday, 16 October 2014

This time next week

I will have finished my first week at work, I have not been to work since July 2013, that is a long ass time ago.
I am very lucky to have had so much time off with my gorgeous baby girl. But it i'll be honest its never enough, i know we are lucky in the UK with mat leave but man the idea of leaving this gorgeous face breaks my heart.

If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would have said no no no hate it no no hate it!! And a few other things along those lines.

Last week and this week we have been doing settling in sessions at nursery, if again you had asked me a couple of weeks ago how martha would be at nursery, i would have said she will be fine its me thats the mess. Turns out its both of us thats a mess.

Turns out nursery is a big deal. I guess they are being left with practically strangers aren't they.

Basically this last week of maternity leave has been a bit naf, without going on and on, martha has been very upset but she has been in for various hours and very slowly she has calmed down a bit and yesterday i picked her up and she wasn't crying! Major improvement!

So now my head seems to have switched a little, I will miss my girl so so very much and hate the idea of leaving her or being without her or missing anything at all frankly but if she is happy then its ultimately all ok isn't it? All you want is for your baby/child to be happy.

I have also been telling myself again and again it could be worse, i have had a long time off, i am going back on part time hours and funny part time hours at that, like on a wednesday i work 3.5 hrs and then go and pick my girl up. Like it could be worse, As hard of i am finding this I am trying to think there is always someone worse off than you.

This new routine is going to take some serious getting used to, never mind the fact i am going somewhere where they will call me by my name and not Marthas mum, I am perfectly happy being called Marthas mum its never bothered me, I don't have that oohh 'adult' time with different conversations, I like baby chat, i like baby groups and talking about my girl, martha currently sleeps very well in the afternoon (thou this week has been interesting) so 'reducing' my time to a lunch hour and not even a hour actually is actually gonna be very weird.

I am aware i am rambling, but it just seems so strange to think I won't be on mat leave, i will be a working mammy, its weird and gonna take me a while to get my head around. 

Wish me luck. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I have loads to share with you but no time to actually share. 
I have tons of birthday photos to share. I have had a couple of lovely family days out with lovely pics to go with that. 
I've finished quite a few things knitting wise and sewing wise, I have completely gutted my craft room and that looks great. 
Martha has started nursery so all of the darn right sad emotional feelings that go with that and I start back at work next week and even more sad emotional feelings that go with that. I need to tidy my house ready for work and sort everything. I need to see everyone one last time, I have a christening to go to this weekend. 

I want to chat about all of these things. 

I will do my best to chat properly very soon. 

I'll leave you with this pic coz it's funny and makes me smile and with so much upheaval it's nice to smile. 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Yarndale 2014

Hi all, sorry for the delay, i have one million photos to share from marthas birthday 'events' but there is too many to sort just yet and i am working on a birthday photo book that expires very soon so I'm concentrating on that at the min.

But i wanted to share what i have been up to this past weekend.
I went to YARNDALE, yay, i was gutted to say the least i couldn't go last year, and yes whilst i know i had a 5 day old baby and could barely walk it was a very quick lesson in the 'you can't do everything you want when you have a baby' didn't think i would have to learn that quite so soon but alas i shan't dwell (too much)

So on saturday i met my friends Rosanna and Gwen and we drove to Skipton, we used the park and ride service, thankfully we were on the 2nd bus which were only 13 seaters and there was quite a line.

We passed the double deckers which were coming from the station but lots of trains were running so they looked empty.

We got there about 10.30 and there was a massive line, this was at the back but we went to the front where it was slightly less, we will know for next time to pre book tickets and everyone who had them could just walk in.

We got in nearer 11 and it was very pretty. 

I stopped first at Daisy Bun Boo, and I got a fab big bag with mushrooms on it. 

The Knitting Goddess had some gorgeous self striping yarn, but i had just got my Trailing Clouds so resisted 

i had fun walking round with my friends and saw lots of familiar faces, i did run off a good few times to 'hit' the stalls i really wanted.

I stopped at the Tin Can Knits and met Mrs tin can, she had the most beautiful little baby with her and i got to check out her new book Roadtrip. And she said she really liked my jumper, i was wearing not your boyfriend sweater lol, 

My goodies bag was pretty full, but i have been selling loads of things to have plenty spending money.

one side

and the other.

The signal was pretty patchy for our card so rosanna had to nearly go outside to get a signal, police officer just happened to be standing there lol. 

Fyberspates were selling all of the hand dyed at a bargain price as they aren't dyeing anymore so we all made the most of that stand. 

And here is all of my stash.
I will share all my plans for it soon.

did you go? why did you get?

rach x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


       Our darling girl turned one today. 

      How are we here already. Fastest and             best year of our lives. 


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pumpkin season.

Sorry I've been meaning to blog for days and days. I am in full my baby girl is one in a few days mode so excuse me if I randomly start crying lol. 

I thought I would share a few things I have been making just to show I do still make stuff lol. 

It is pumpkin season here. 
So first up I made one for my friends little boys first birthday. 

Martha's modelling it here. 

So this is Fin in the hat I made him when he was born and in his new hat. 
I love seeing the babies in things I've made. 

I have knit one for my cousins daughter who I am seeing tomo (it's Martha's birthday party tomo) 

Obviously very similar. 

I started one for my friends new baby Sam the other day. 
So yes busy pumpkin knitting. And these are the yarns I tend to use. I like to use Aran as I often have a fair few to do and they go quicker. 

I've been having a big sort in my craft room. I was lucky enough to snap this offer up. 

So I have been sorting. Lots of sorting. Just trying to keep it a bit neater. 

So I now have. 
Commercial 4ply (& a basket of hand dyed) 
Bamboo type yarn 
Random Dk
Nicer dk
2 tubs of stylecraft


Random Aran
Nicer Aran
Giant comedy balls of Aran
Super chunky 
Box of planned projects for me, in bags with patterns etc
Box of planned projects for Martha

So yeh that took a while. The rest of the room is still completely upside down. 

I did however finish my socks I started in June!! I love them. The yarn is Fab Funky Fibres. I love me some self striping. 

I may have treated myself to a little yarny goodness lately as I have been selling so much stuff. 

This arrived yesterday. Yummy. The merino is on offer at the min and I love it. It's very soft thou grows quite a bit during blocking. 

We went out for tea last night to celebrate the start of Robs 8 days off yay and kick of Martha's birthday celebrations to which there are many 

She's so lovely. 
And I couldn't resist a nearly this time last year. 
Martha was 5 days old here. 

Right best go. Off up north to bake ready for the party tomo. 

Wrote this on Saturday. And it won't post. 


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