Sunday, 12 December 2010

Kitten Vs Bunny

Im feeling confused, for the past couple of months we have been debating getting a new pet. We thought about a new hamster but Lola was so awesome its not fair to put that pressure on another hamster to be as awesome.
So we were thinking of a kitten, we were quite set until recently here is my pro and con lists



quite independent, so can be left
happy to sit on your knee which would be nice
never had one so be exciting
like that they follow you like a dog, i think rob would like this too having never had a dog/cat
more personality


worried about it trashing our new house
the dead factor, i do not like cats kill things, hopefully a bell would stop this
my knitting, how much would it destroy my wool
we dont have a place for a cat flap so if it was a outdoor cat it would be out all day, how do you get them to come back before bed etc
Cats can be snooty, so i would need a none snooty one
my family hate cats

Hmmm so confused, surely not all kittens would destroy our carpets, any advice?
Big con for a cat is that it isnt a dog, we want a dog but we cant coz we work but thought a cat would be a good option as it can be left for the most part.


It would be 2


easy to care for
wouldnt destroy the house
could be trained to be play nice indoors
ive had them before and think they rock


They live outside so you might not see them much,
quite a big job cleaning them out compared to litter tray
not as much fun as kitten/puppy/baby
harder to get someone to look after a bunny when on holiday as the hutch is so big

And then there is the baby factor, we want kids, would a animal be too much with a baby, would a cat smother a baby, would the rabbits just be left in the garden all the time.

Is a cat a more sensible option as it doesnt need as much 'care' and when i say care i mean the cleaning aspect. I just remember how it was bit of a pain cleaning out rabbits when i was young but the hutches are much easier now plus i'm like 15 yrs older.

Or do i get both and they would be the best friends ever

Can anyone help? anyone have both? or views on one or the other or any of my Cons, im not sure i could talk rob into both, i think if i did we would have one for like 6mths then get the other. I think i could totally have both

Im pretty proud of myself for not buying this little bunny i saw in the pet shop today

She was so lovely and playful i would have called her daisy

but then i saw this super cute video in the week but then i read this, Knitters

and im back to square one!

p.s this would be of course when we are moved in/ settled in the new house and i am absolutely not guilting rob into either one for my birthday lol
p.p.s im blogging quite a lot is it too much?


Julie said...

Hiya Rach,
Go with both - pets are the best.
And no I dont think your blogging to much, sometimes it's nice to read about different things and see what others have been up to, it's nice to know people are normal -IYKWIM.
I got worried about this and even went as far as to start up a second blog where I could post about family life and other crafty things that I'd been up to so as not to bore my papercraft followers, looking back this was a bit daft and in the new year I'm going to put it all back to normal with just one blog. [Sorry to waffle]
Really I just wanted to say your blog is fab and carry on posting.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Hugs Ju xxx

My simple life said...

I had two cats before I had kids and they were both fine when my babies were born. In fact sadie (cat) was always really protective of Cameron (baby) We just made sure the door to the nursery was closed when the babies were sleeping. We also had the moses basket out for most of my pregnancy so the cats knew not to jump into it by the time Cameron was born.
We now have another kitten (lost both cats a while back :( ) and shes never ruined anything. The kids cause more destruction than Bella does! lol. She is annoying when I'm stitching so you'd probably need to put a kitten out of the room while knitting. She also goes out and if we want her back in we either call her name or wait for her to come home and jump at the window. If shes out all night shes always back the next morning.
I love having a cat again. :) Hope you figure out what you want. :)

Carly said...
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Carly said...

HI Rachel could resist leaving you a comment, we have both so we understand your dilemma :) I love your pros and con's list they are quite realistic. Kittens can destroy the house, but not so much: My cat does claw the sofa sometimes but not LOADS :) he doesn't really claw my wool loads, just at times :)

Re the rabbit idea, I don't want to sounds negative and horrid, but it is quite a common idea that bunnies are easy to care for :) I am really 'into' bunnies so I get very passionate... have 5, and I was a total novice when I got my first.... They are always lumped in the small/easy pet category probably because they are small. Bunnies are actually an 'exotic' pet and I'd say as much work as a dog... they tend to be the most unwanted pets and 35,000 end up in rescues every year. I really recommend getting a bunny from a rescue centre if you do decide they are a good fit for you because they are so supportive and helpful.

My advice is do LOADS of research, they are SUCH AMAZING animals, but they are loads of work.

The current advice is that they need to be in pairs really as bunnies alone get depressed. They need to be neutered and vaccinated, they require fresh hay for food to keep their teeth healthy and stop weight gain.... and when they get ill the vet fees pile up...My recent trips have cost hundreds for a really bad abscess... I don't mean to be gloomy and I am worried I sound so negative eeeek!!

A really wonderful source of info is
and I love a forum so is good... I hope you don't mind my honesty I am sure you will be a lovely owner no matter what! Can't wait to see the pics :)

ps do feel free to email me if you wanna ask me anything or tell me I am a grump lol I am happy to talk bunnies/kitties till Im blue in the face x x x

Jessica said...

I've had both kittens and rabbits and from experience I'd say that kittens are less work and more fun overall. Good luck whatever you decide though :)

JO SOWERBY said...

i have had both cats and rabbits always really until i moved into this flat.
cats, i have 2, are really easy to train so they can go in or out and i have a cat flap in my window if that helps. they are pretty easy to fit as well. i have never had that much problem with cats bringing in the dead things either si whether that's luck or the breed i dont know. i have a persian and persian'moggy. but they do need alot of brushing.
rabbits r gr8 cos although they need cleaning out in winter in the summer i used to let mine have the run out day and night and move it around the gardn. he was much happier doing that. i had a guinea pig for his friend,
Jo xxxx

Sarah said...

Kitty deffo!! I couldn't be without a cat. I have had Persians for the past 11 years. Sadly I lost my girl this summer, but still have my gorgeous boy!! They're house cats so never go out. They've never ruined anything. We have a scratch post which Bailey uses daily. He loves cuddles and doesn't pay any attention to my wool when I'm knitting!! The only downside is he wants to sleep in my knitting bag as it's so cozy!!!!

Laura said...

If you are serious about having kids then why would you get a pet? Srsly? Don't bother! Have your babies then get pets afterwards!

Rebecca said...

I've had both, and have found that cats are much more fun and a lot easier to care for. I was never a cat person (couldn't stand them) but hubby grew up surrounded by cats and talked me into cat sitting for a friend whilst she moved from one end of the country. I cried the day the cats went back to live their real Mommy, so the following week we bought two (Stella & Scrumpy, then a year later we added another one (Molly). I now have a two year old and never had one problem with the cats and my son. In fact, they are the first to tell me if something is wrong and when my MIL babysat for the first time Scrumpy sat outside his room as if she was protecting him!. Hope this helps you decide x
P.s Expect a few 'dead things' and Hubby thinks it's great that my Mom hates cats and uses it to his advantage LOL

Debbie said...

My friend has a house rabbit that uses a litter tray, but chews wires. I would go for a kitten. They can be naughty when they are tiny but they soon grow up and sleep loads!! I have never heard of a case of a cat smothering a baby so wouldnt worry about that. I had 4 cats when Charlotte was born and none went anywhere near her.
We have 2 guinea pigs and keep them indoors as they would be ignored outside - luckily we have a playroom so they have a big hutch in there, but once the warmer weather comes we will get an outdoor playpen for them but bring them in overnight still.

Nicola said...

Neither!!! Erm, also baby factor??

mooncalf said...

I had to choose kitten vs. bunny too.

Apparently modern bunny thinking suggests that you should keep the hutch indoors. That was the deal-breaker for me. Those hutches are big and we don't really have a load of unused space.

The kittens are quite destructive though - not on purpose but they just accidentally damage things...

Tough call! But good luck!

Christine said...

I've had both in my time of owning pets and cats win hands down. They do cause damage, they do run around with knitting wool and many times you will scream but they make up for it in so many other ways - once you get one (two, three!) it will change your home completely..for the better :-)

Candace said...

I've got all three: kids, cats & bunnies

cats & bunnies are cheaper and don't answer back so I'd recommend you forget the kids lol

Our cats were about 2 years old when I had my Son and we never had any problems with the cats

pets are great for kids especially from an early age but the only problem you may have is not having a cat flap. You may need to invest in one, know it will damage your door but gives the cats more freedom

both need injections etc but I would advise against rabbits & guinea pigs together - we have had to have 2 rabbits put down due to guinea bites
Also think where you will put the rabbits in winter - shed, garage, house? need alot of cleaning out if you bring them in the house during the cold weather but ours do love a good run round the house and now the kids are older are much better petting animals than the cats are
cats & rabbits both happily run around the lounge together
tricky decision to make but a pet has so many pluses for children, caring, responsibilities and sadly does help them deal with bereavement which in our case helped tremendously when their Granny dies

Julia said...

Hi Rach, We had our cats first then a baby next! As long as you keep the doors shut and the cat is discouraged from the nursery (a good squirt of water usually help!) its fine and you can get cat nets for the pram and the cot for safety. The children are now 12 and 9 and sadly only one cat is left but they love her to bits and she has turned into Alex's cat - sleeping on her bed most evenings and picking her lap over ours!! It's lovely to see. Keep posting! I don't often comment but love to read it x


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