Monday, 13 December 2010

Massive Job on my hands

Thanks so much for all of your comments yesterday, we are still having a bit of a think but will let you know when we decide.

So today was day 1 of my 'official' time off, i had a lazy morning knitting and watching This Morning! erm then got on with loads of tidying and sorting, i kinda didn't think we would be doing that this week but alas I suppose I should.

Today was the day i properly started on my scrapbooking stuff, I have had a big clear out still not 100% there, maybe 50% but found some things i had been looking for and things i needed to bin tons of things.
Bit of unpacking from retreats
Rob came to keep me company, i cleared him off a seat and he shopped for my presents (xmas/birthday) surrounded by stacks of boxes.
Im leaving it at this point, i can see shelf, you cant see but that pizza box on the top shelf says 'Old icky pages' , i went through it today and chucked out some really bad ones and saved some photos and nice stash bits before they went in the bin.

So given that i have only just unpacked from the retreats i went to in October/ November i thought i should catch up on some of the layouts i havent shown you.
October Afternoon- Well we just had to use that title for our lovely group shot at the Cabin in the Woods, I think i have used a bit of the new restoration here by the lovely Crate.

I thought i should dedicate a page to my lovely new quilt, i really love it, its not perfect at all but i just love the colours and am gutted that its not stocked in the UK.
Dont you love the little bow punch? its Lauras but i copied and have one of my very own, not that i have used it yet.
This is one of my favourite, i think i did this one at the Sarah's Cards retreat of the cabin in the woods, i love this woodgrain paper and i did a bit of inky spattering as well.

So today i also came across a huge pile of pages that were really nearly finished, like needed hand stitching or journalling etc so i am going to try and get them finished this week. I would like to do a few pages this week as well as i assume my desk is going to have to be properly packed up soonish.

Tomorrow we have a few more jobs to do, we have to go to Ikea, now i say have to but we do, we got a chair from freecycle recently and it needs a new cover. I also need a rectangle cushion that i can cover. I also have a quilt to make for my Godson as he is visiting on Wednesday and i want to give him his present then.

Right im off to do a bit more xmas knitting, i just seem to be knitting the same things again and again for speed and ease for christmas presents more than anything else. The gloves i started last night are my 7th pair of the same ones and i know i have at least another 2 more pairs to make this week.

Very much looking forward to knitting something different in the new year but i guess i might have a new house to play with, you never know!
Right i hope you have all had a lovely monday and i shall catch you later

Rach xx


Marushka C. said...

Your scrapbook pages are lovely -- very artistic! Good luck finishing your Christmas knitting.

Libby said...

Sounds like you had a productive first day of your holidays. I've finished my busy time and girls are now on 6 weeks holidays. So I'm looking forward to some days at home. Haven't scrapbooking, knitted or crocheted in absolutely ages so can't wait to do some.
LOVE your layouts. They always look amazing.



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