Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Flying visit to share something pretty. 

I mentioned last time I had been playing with Kool Aid dyes. Tonight I got round to caking them up and they look awesome. Loads better than in a skein. 

This is the first one I did which is just a solid colour and a tiny bit of speckling on top. 

And this is the one I did with 2 colours. I'm so pleased with it 

I was worried about the gaps in the yarn as it went from pot to pot but turns out it looks awesome. 

I'm hoping this will maybe self stripe or something like that. But I think this will be socks. 

I've been doing some secret baby knitting as there have been babies left right and centre lately. I have been dojng some secret knitting me so I can show u this. 
I've been working super hard and putting all my projects to one side. 

I've made a list of all the babies still to come. I would love to do garments for all but I just can't as my knitting and the knitting in dojng for Martha is getting side lined. I don't know if I should just bust X amount of hats I need and then it's done or not. 

I made a list of all the WIPS I have at the min in order of how nearly finished they are. 

I've said many time I would like to increase the amount I am knitting garment wise for myself. I have a LOT of ' sweater quantity' as its refered to in my stash and I would love to bust through a good amount of it. 

So that's what's been going on just lately in my little head. Always knitting or plotting what to do next. 

Right best crack on with this hat I am knitting for the 2nd time as the first one was massive!!!! 

Bye for now xx

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