Sunday, 2 August 2015


Hello all. I have been knitting as much as I can to get to my goals I mentioned last time. I have finished the girl hat, finished my Tan House Brook shawl and finished my rainbow mitts!!! Hurray!!!!!
I also did the bonus of finishing one of my Rose city rollers sock, got the toe done and breaking news is I have just finished the heel on the 2nd yay!!! 

I have been a bit crazy today. I want to knit everything. I've been winding some yarn today and just want to knit it all. 

For now. I will show you my FOs that's right finished and blocked and photographed!! Oh yes!!  

It's in a lovely bright yellow from Laal Bear yarns who has since retired. 

I treated myself to a shawl pin. Just a knit pro one so was about £5 but think t looks good. 

Yes you are getting ALL the photos 

It's such a good size. Bigger than my last, I think coz it has silk in the yarn. It could have been blocked more. I literally soaked it and hung it on the washing line. 

So my mitts. Oohhh 

I love them. I managed 2 thumbs in one night thick I'm pleased with coz boy I hate dojng them. These are in my rav projects. Can't link on my phone. 

And this is my first sock. This is Mothy and the squid yard on etsy which is lovely. 

And my 2nd sock 

So yay. I love these too and given I want to knit all the things I am allowing myself a cast on after that as I would have finished 3 things. 

I will be back to show u what I've been stalking on Ravelry and also some fun photos of a adventure me and my girl went on yesterday. 

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x 

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