Thursday, 6 August 2015

All the shawls

I have been wanting to make ALL of the shawls. I appear to have quite a bit of 4ply single skeins and appear to be obsessed with shawls lately. 

Sorry for all the phone screen shots it's just easier. They are all on my favourites on Ravelry. I think I got all the names in the shot. 

I love stash diving. I do have a yummy stash. 

I've been after this shawl for a whole few days and gave in and cast on, I am a fair bit into it and I still don't know if I like the colours together. 


I really like the look of this one below but heard the instructions aren't the best so debating a stripy Ishbell on the SS and a solid lace bit. 

I've been meaning to make one of these for a while as I love my Hitchhiker so much. 

This is a new one I've got but need to plan. I do like to plan. As u can see they are all a similar shape. 

This pattern looks very plain but this version makes me go ooohhhh!!! 

I got this gorgeous bundle from Knitting Goddess in a destash so fancy using them. 

So yes I like to plan and look and ohh and ahhh 

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Gertie said...

I've finally cast off my Dreamy Stripes and even though a few people on Rav say the instructions for the lace section are wrong they aren't! Also at the beginning don't slip the first stitch, just knit or purl into the back of it


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