Saturday, 14 November 2015

Socks socks socks

I am a bit obsessed with making socks lately, you may have noticed.

I bought a lovely haul just after Yarndale from Fab Funky Fibres and I got my first pair finished for Socktober which is when you work on socks in October, but you know that right.

So this is Autumn Rainbow, I love them, they are so fun, muted which i don't normally do but man these are so pretty. 

I used just a standard sock pattern 

I also worked on the socks through Socktober, these are the Rose City Rollers

This is my 2nd pair of these and they are super quick and fun.  

I was kindly gifted this yarn from Kate from A Playful day podcast, it is Candy Skein which is an American yarn and so pretty. I haven't made socks that aren't self striping for a while.

I must try harder to do that as I have lots of it.

So there you are thats my socks, Im pleased to have been able to get things finished despite looking after my small person and growing a small person.

I keep meaning to make martha some socks but yeh I wanna knit for me,

Oh I forgot to show you.

I finally wore my clear boots when I went to the farm the other day.

Ive had these a while now and haven't really had a chance to wear them yet.

Yes it was Halloween aren't they fun, I got them in Primark a couple months ago and they were made £10 which i think is great.

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