Thursday, 12 November 2015

Just can't get enough.

Do you ever find a pattern and you just can't stop working on it?

Yes, me too!

I love this pattern, I am using a very fancy yarn (to me) Malbrigo, this is a open front cardigan which is perfect for me at the minute.

I started mid afternoon and got to very nearly to tying the sleeves off in the same day. Which is pretty good for me.

And then the next day i tied the sleeves off yay!

I love the eyelets, normally it would be knit for 1 million years but as there is a little pattern you just do one more repeat and i love those type of projects. 

I can't seem to put it down at the minute.

 I have also been working on this beauty

my lovely christmas yarn came 

I haven't got massively far on these as I can't put my cardigan down. 

So they are the main things I have been working on, I have a brand new baby girl to knit for who arrived last week, I have made a blanket which I haven't actually photographed yet but Im going to make her a little hat now I know that she is a girl.

Speaking of which I will of course be finding out what we will be having, pretty soon actually, I am very excited about this, like we will know how our family will be like forever, does that make sense.

I haven't been knitting for the baby until we know what we are having, i am trying to focus on all the other knits and then once we know i should be in a position (HA) to just knit baby things, I have started a blanket, just a bright fun rainbow one but nothing really to show you at the minute.

SO yes all the plans all of the time.


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