Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Yay my Chickadee is finished and I am super super proud of it, This has been on my 'to knit' list for far far far too long and i'm a bit mad at myself for not making it sooner to be honest.

I have used cascade 220 which I got on my honeymoon in 2012 in San Francisco, its just been sat ever since and I'm not sure why.

I am so pleased with the fit, obviously its not closing at the minute due to baby bump but Ive worn it so much already and I really love it.

Look at those little birdies!

And there is my little shadow never far away from her mama lol. 

I can't tell you how much knitting make me happy and knitting for my girl too i just love it so much i really feel stressed if i can't knit as silly as that might sound to people but it just relaxes me and it feel weird if i don't do that every day, and i do normally manage every day, only once in a blue moon i don't get to and thats only when I'm really tired.

But yes happy days.

I will share details about Martha's latest knit soon.


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