Sunday, 1 November 2009

Twisted Sketch #021

Sorry i am a bit late in posting the new Twisted Sketches work i have been doing, this week was a really easy sketch and the twist was to use a Alpha now surely everyone can do that, you can find the sketch here

I used some photos of our favourite meal in Florida at TGI's, they were huge and really cheap, my kinda meal lol

Something i was going to tell you about is a thing called PING if you have a iphone or a itouch you basically get free text to other people with the iphone/touch which is awesome, most of my friends use it and i have just discovered it, but its making want a iphone even more :(

But its a great app for your phone so would really recommend it.

So next weekend i am going away to a fabulous place with the DT girls from Sarahs Cards i only know Jen who i hang out with at the Cabin so be great to meet everyone, i have spent a couple of hours today making up page kits with new papers and photos and i have a grand total of 24!
Tomorrow i start the brand new Shimelle class which is all about blogging, so although i blog a lot i thought it would be fun.

Right i must share more pages which you from the cabin weekend and even pages earlier than that before i go away this weekend and do a load more. Just as well as i havent been doing much in the evenings, mainly been knitting and doing my quilting.

This page was from my xmas weekend i had a while back now, the awesome chocolate machine i wanted so much for like years so i was super surprised to get it last year but jolly pleased, thanks santa :) I have also had the spinning wheel on the lo forever and the green paper so glad yo finally use it up.

This is one of my cabin pages, everyone was into bunting that weekend so i jumped on the bandwagon.
I have had this photo since march from our road trip, we loved Brighton and would love to go again but its so blooming far away that it would have to be a proper holiday not just a weekend.
Well thats all for now, need some dinner and might do a spot of knitting and watch Seinfeld, me and rob are addicted to it at the moment, im baffled as to why it didnt really catch on in the UK. thanks for stopping by x


Claire said...

LOVE your LOs! You give me so much inspiration and so many ideas - now just to put them into action!!


sharyn.carlson said...

Gorgeous layouts - I love the layering! -Sharyn (

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

Really Gorgeous LOs, what awesome colours, definately an inspiration for me.


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