Saturday, 31 October 2009


So lets talk knitting, i get grief from some friends for doing it, lots of people think of it as a old person thing to do or certainly not a hobby of a 26 year old. But frankly I just dont care at least I am using my time and money on making something, and I have something to show for it. So i thought I would share how this rediscovered hobby has been slowly taking over my little life.

I cant share the main project as its a surprise for someone, but I have started this...

There is a little story behind this scarf, i knew what i wanted to make, a scarf with pockets and a hood but i couldnt find a pattern so i have been copying from the shops as they seem to be everywhere at the moment however this scarf did start out like this.. (p.s note my lovely quilt) & apologises for the shocking photo, thats after work light and a naf photo on my phone for you.

But when i went to my lovely knitting shop i found they didnt have anymore and then actually costed up how wide i was doing my scarf and well it was lots so now that scarf looks like this

Very sad but have to be practical, so i am saving it to make something little but fabulous :)

A couple of other thing i have invested in is my very first Rowan (fancy stuff)

and i had in mind making these I LOVE LOVE the Attic 24 blog, I enjoy coming home from work and finding out what she has been making that day, also how cute are these now i just need to be clever enough to make them.

And because I am not a yarn snob just yet I indulged in some cheap but pretty acrylic

and a sneaky pic of my quilt in the day like and still lacking binding coz i just dont want to do it LOL

Finally Happy Halloween, we literally havent done anything this year besides me hiding at the back of the house incase someone knocks on the door ( its late now so assume im safe) however for the last 2 years we held a party, which were fun but the mess afterwards was just crazy so we didnt have one. We even sadly forgot to do our pumpkin last night and as OH is out i didnt want to it it alone so currently he looks like this

So thats it for now, hoping for nice weather tomo or at least dry so we can go for our annual leaf kicking photos in the park, thanks for stopping by x


Debbie said...

OMG I think I have made a ma-hoo-sive faux pas!! For my very first knitting projectI have that very same Rowan wool (the green - it's lush!). How did I end up with posh wool then?? That was a mistake, no wonder the scarf will be worth £35 when it's finished!!

beksynormz said...

You're not sad at all Rach, I'm knitting a scarf too and I'm very nearly 26!!! I was inspired by my auntie on hols and thought it would be a nice thing to do. Keep knitting!!!!

Jenny said...

Knitting is not sad, i absolutely love knitting :-)

The rowan looks lovely i love Attic24 she is so inspiring i am very envious of her stay at homeiness!

Can't wait to see what you make x x

Linda Elbourne said...

Great colours of wool ... laughing the first ones ... a LOT!


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