Monday, 5 April 2010

and in a flash

its gone, how quickly has this last 4 days gone, really really quick is the answer, I have tried to be as productive as possible as i know i will regret it when i get back to work and think i should of done a, b, c.
But i wanted to share something with you i did get finished, my Spring Beret

All photos were taken by Heather, in the middle of town on a saturday hence the omg face lol.

But besides that i am really pleased with it, it was a pretty complicated pattern lots of concentration so not really my thing, i also only had one ball as it was yarn from my America stash so if i didnt have enough in the ball i was well stuck! so i didnt do as many rounds as i was supposed to do its not nearly as baggy but i still like it.

So today being the last day i got up early, and got to work on my Sarahs Cards latest kit, i have 2 pages done so far so pretty pleased with that, whilst doing that i caught up on the first have of the series One born every minute that i missed.
Then i watched the Glee episodes that were online so about 5, whilst this one on i got to making this.

i saw it online yesterday so thought i would give it a go, so hindsight is a great things especially with knitting, i think i will do it again, first of all its far too big, and its too bright, even for me!
And I think i will do it in red.
I also sat and worked on the brim of my 20s hat, which is taking ages!

its grown loads since saturday but i still have about 5 inches to knit, i know it will be worth it in the end but ggrr you know?

So its 5pm and i still have a million things I wanna do before i go back to work tomo, ( i seriously dont know what i would do without my hobbies, what do people do alllll day?)
1- I have a page all lined up that i wanna do- so thats next job
2- I want to make this

I have been told it will take 20 mins, which is my kinda sewing, you can find the details here this has been on my to do list forever but today is the day.
3- Must finish this brim, so hoping no more than 1 hour.
4- I want to cast this on

I bought the wool on saturday, nothing nearly as fancy as what they used but it will do the job

5- I have about 100+ lo no in albums so i plan put them away before they get trashed.
6- I want to make at least 4 cards.
7- do 2 more granny squares to show Heather tomo.

You know sometimes i think i give myself too much to do, but i have so many ideas floating around in my head that i have to do them like now! if not sooner, its just how im built. Now if i put all that thought into i dont know, being ambitious im sure it would be great, but im not ambitious like at all, i just want to make pretty things and sadly i am aware making pretty things doesnt tend to be able to pay the bills lol.

So thats it for now, oh yes i forget to tell you, i am going to be doing a little give away in the next couple of days, as its the anniversary of when i started to scrap, but more about that hhmm maybe tomo.
Thanks for stopping by guys xx


Samm said...

Wow, love the bow!!! all looking very fab!


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oh I love your hat -its lush :D
Julie xx

Jo said...

I love your beret and bow, great work you busy busy bee :D


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