Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I made a skirt!

I'm not sure if you know but i did actually do a degree in Fashion Design lol, i made 6 full outfits for my final collection and yet im sooo proud of myself for making myself a skirt funny huh!
So i wasnt going to blog, i did blog on the bus this morning but it wouldnt post and as i had a couple of new things to show you i thought why not.
So i mentioned yesterday i was gonna make a 20 minute skirt and it didnt take too much longer, i added a hem and what with all the pressing it took a little longer but still mighty quick.
So here is how it went.

lush fabric its Amy Butler for Rowan which is exciting.


Ta da! it goes very well with my new pj top dont you think? So its like the easiest thing ever no shaping just a good old stretchy elastic waistband (yes none pregnant people can wear them too). So i literally used a metre of fabric and a bit for the hem. So this can be a really cheap project.

This is the waist band, just elastic not very pretty but does the job (you like my cropping technique there?) I cant find the link to this at the min skirt but i think its in my previous.
So as well as this i knocked this together before bed last night

A bit more of wearable bow, a bit smaller and a bit of a easier colour to wear.
So pretty pleased with my efforts for today, i sadly didnt get everything done on my list yesterday but they can wait im too sleepy lol
Right thats it for now, let me know if you make a skirt and i can have a snoop.
Thanks for stopping by x


Vanessa said...

luv the skirt!
i can't believe it can be made that quickly...cool!!

Heather said...

Wow it looks really good! I love the fabric. You wearing it to work today? xxx

Julie said...

Om my word - the skirt is fantastic - how talentd are you :) - I read your post yesterday and couldnt wait to see it completed, I love the pink hat you mad on a previous post - are they quite hard to make or straight forward for a beginner like me [wit no experience at all]
Take care and have a great day - ju xx

Candace said...

Lovely skirt, so easy to make. Must go and hunt some fabric out and give it a go......well put it on my ever increasing list of things to do!

Thanks so much for the crochet tip. Finally got it.

Nat said...

Great fabric! Well done - what a cool quick project :) xx

Sarah xx said...

Hi Rach, love that fabric and what a cool skirt - I can't believe how much stuff you manage to make! Awesome xx

Wrightboysmum said...

Fab skirt and the material is lush.


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