Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I am 3

Saturday April 7th 2007 I went to my first crop, i had moved house 2 days earlier, and 3 days before that i had heard Rosemary Merry mention UKS on QVC so off and went, found our there was a local crop 4 days later. And 3 years later i'm still at it. So in honour of this i have a give away, but first you have to listen/look at my scrap story deal?

December 06 Rob bought me my first scrapbook (which still lies empty, u live and learn lol)

Dec 06 i got a desk to make cards

This was my first ever page, using someone else's cuttlebug and 'fancy' circle punch, on my very first day i had a big push from my lovely friend Vicky at the crop, it basically went shut up and do it! lol and so it began. My first project was a 8x8 album for my sis in Auz of our parents recent visit there.

This is where i used to scrap in our old flat, check out all that natural light, i soo miss it.

Once i had finished my sisters album and paid about a million pounds to post it to Australia, i started my next project, and so began scrapping about Disney!

July 07 - Disneyland Paris- Yes indeed that is Basic Grey, and yes they are QVC alphas

By August i started to experiment with A4, i had clearly bought a cuttle bug (fyi- my fave pic of rob like ever)

By November i was feeling a bit cocky and made this mini book which im still super proud of, i also had the halloween party so i could make this book.

This is what i got up to in April 2008- this page was on my kitchen wall for 2 years and still one my favourite pages, i was also still into Basic Grey lol

I got published in Scrapbook Inspirations a couple of times, this Paris page hangs in my living room now.

November 2008 i got a new fancy desk.

Got published with a few of my xmas pages.

December 2008 I was asked to join the Sarah's Cards Design time, seriously biggest compliment ever. This was the first blog work i did.

2 years on April 2009 my stuff looked like this.

April 09 i got my own room, a whole room just for me!

June 2009, i made it on the Twisted Sketches Design Team.

Fast forward a year and this is my latest page.
And thats my story, 3 years and they have been great, I have made a ton of friends lots of which i am sure i will know for years to come.

So a giveaway- if you are still awake lol. Never done this before but this is what i have to offer.

Some brand new (as in not opened) Comic Book style stamps and an acrylic Heidi Swapp alpha.
First give away i have ever done so i guess just leave me a comment (be nice) and i will do one of those number generator things (does it sound like i know what im talking about) and that will pick a winner. I will draw it on Sunday.

Hope you have enjoyed my little story, im pretty pleased with how far i have come and even more pleased i am still as obsessive as i always was. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. xx


Terri said...

All I can say is WOW! You have achieved so much in such a short space of time. Thankyou for sharing your scrapping journey, its great to see how we progress over time! Thanks again.

Gillian said...

Hi Rachel - it was great to read and see your scrapping story - and I absolutely LOVE your latest LO.
I'm really pleased to see that you also knit - that's my other great hobby- but I always find I'm either in scrapping mode or knitting mode and can't mix the two.

Sarah said...

Happy 3rd Scrapping Birthday!! :) I have loved reading your scrapping story!! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!! x

Jo said...

WOW you really have done so much, would I say you've been lucky? No I'd say you are very talented and deserve the publications and DT work. Very inspiring as usual, thanks for sharing x

Jacquie said...

haha, Im not in it for the prize; but did actually want to let you know that since I've found your blog I have become a wee bit of a stalker lol :) You have been the main inspiration for my learning to knit (hence the finished hat the other day!!) and I'm starting to give scrapping a go to record my trip to Chicago :) hoping that one day I too will have a whole room to myself to play nice in!!

Scraptastic Mel x said...

I second that! I have been scrapping for at least ten years and have still to be published or invited to join a design team. Way to go Rachel! x

Katy said...

wow you really have changed in style since you first started, love your work, and have seen your lo's lots in the what was Scrapbook Inspirations.

Much Love Katy xx

Susy Rudy said...

what a wonderful piece of blogging - I can remember you doing that halloween album - and I can remember how welcoming you were at my first crop - so pleased to have met you and that we are still friends. xxxx

Vanessa said...

love looking at the pics of your scrapping history!!

nikki said...

Fantastic idea to blog your journey - your layouts have changed so much and you have achieved so much in such a short space of time. You are right to be proud of yourself :)

Julie said...

Congratulations on scrapping for 3 years - you've achieved so much so far, what a fantastic scrapping journeys you've been on. I'm right at the beginning of mine and only properly been scrapping for 3 months or so currently from the kitchen table but we're about to move in 2 weeks and then I get my very own desk in the dining room - yippee.
Thanks for the opportunity to win, Take Care - Ju xx

Debbie said...

Blimey, it's like a whole lifetime in 3years, that's a lot of stuff!! Well I am an avid follower as you know - love everything you create, paper or wool!!
Anyway Mr Random Generator - pick me!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Isn't funny how the stash seems to spread over the years!! When I first started I had a fold up table and two sets of plastic drawers in the corner of my bed room and now, half the dining room!!!!! Loving those stamps BTW!!

Kerry said...

WOW - 6 years on and I can only admire scrappers such as yourself.


Gemma said...

Thanks for sharing your scrapping journey with us. I'm a long time follower of yours - glad for your inspiration!

Gayle said...

Loved the story and seeing how your style has progressed throughout the time is fantastic. You have done so well :)

airing cupboard crafts said...

How wonderful to read your story. I love how your stash has expanded into it's own room lol......

The latest pages are fab inspirational as always


Laura said...

Fantastic post Rachel, I really loved reading it!

I'm pleased that we have become friends through scrapbooking, we must sort another retreat sometime soon!

L xxx

Glen said...

Ooo....what lovely photos of your progressive scrapbook room Rachel. It's lovely to see how other peeps store their stash. You are very creative and I love that you have a go at all crafts. TFS. ~Glen~

Pooch said...

I love reading your blog and you inspired me to start knitting too! Have a happy scrappy birthday!

Nancy said...

I want you to know how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading your "scrapping story!" Happy Scrapping Anniversary!

Micayla said...

What a journey, it was so fun to read. I don't think I would share my first pages, they totally sucked!!!
I love the quilt you made too, those fabrics are gorgeous. I have been absent online for a while so had a big catch up to do!!
Please don't include me in the sweet giveaway, I have those HS alphas and barely touch stamps(I know!!!) so it would not be fair to be included.
Have a lovely weekend.

Kirsty said...

Such a great idea to look back on your scrappy life - love seeing the changes in your LO's and I love your most recent on, it's fab! Keep the inspiration coming Rach!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing your scrapping story, I've not achieved half as much in twice the time shows that you must be one motivated lady.

Wrightboysmum said...

Thnaks for sharing your story it was great to see it. I'm at the little desk stage so hopefully I'll get a room of my own at some point. P.S Loved the wool storage, what a great friend.


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