Friday, 9 April 2010


So first of all thanks so much for all the fab comments you have been leaving me, each one brightens my day a little bit more, so thanks.

But i thought I would share my day in photos & text lol.
Today was pretty pants, well very pants for no real reason, but having lovely Heather sitting right next to me at work helped make it better, she whisked me off to lunch, it was my first Pret! and it was yummy, and had a bit of a pep talk! we went to paperchase, and sat in the sun and crocheted/knitted.
So from feeling like i was pretty much gonna cry before lunch to coming back and feeling slightly more stable was pretty good going.
We had a nice little count down till 5 oclock, then she came round to my house. I had been all narked this morning as i couldnt find any of my handmade cards in my bomb site that is a scrap room (i needed 3 for today, and had to make them all before work). And she started tidying my scrap room for me, seriously, i can now see my desk its mental, whilst she was doing that i tried to gather my wool in a big erm mountain.
So after tea, we/heather got to sorting my wool, it was in like tons of bags boxes etc looking a bit messy but after a few mins she had it looking like this.

i was pretty chuffed, it was packed and looked fabulous.
So we had a little break to actually get some knitting done

A bit of heathers ripple against my favourite quilt,

you are seeing what you are thinking you are seeing, Heather knitting, i taught her lol in literally 2 mins, im pretty worried shes gonna get better than me really fast.
So after some film time and knitting, i got to thinking how i would like to see ALL of my wool, currently it was stacked 2 deep so i had another little change.(sorry for dark pics)

Looks pretty cool doesnt it? however i still have a box of my little yarn

so thats my day! in a nutshell it was saved! big thank you to my lovely friend for saving it for me!
p.s my storage is from Ikea it is of course the lovely Expedit, i think its on offer in Ikea at the min or it is in Leeds anyway, thanks for stopping yb x


Heather said...

I've messed up my knitting now, it got really tight and then I dropped loads of stitches off the wrong side. Lunchtime monday you can fix it for me :D

Julie said...

Sorry to hear you didnt have a great day.... but Look at all that lovely wool, thats enough to cheer anyone up - You could open yourself a little Wool Shop with all that.
Enjoy your weekend Hun -Ju xx

Jenny said...

Oh so sorry you had a rubbish day, it takes a proper friend to cheer you up. But who could be sad with all that stash! Lol, I want to come shopping in your craft room :-D X x

Rachel said...

more than welcome Jenny, but maybe scrapping/knitting that taking my things lol


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