Saturday, 10 April 2010

21st Century

Hi gang just a flying visit, i have completely turned my craft room upside down, like literally i think i have seen every piece of paper i own today. I am having a huge clear out lots of full bin bags, but i will do a big TA DA when i am eventually done.
Just thought i would share this page i did a couple of weeks ago.

So these photos are of our trip to London, we pretty much relied on Googlemaps to get us everywhere as we werent taking the tube. Im pretty chuffed that i managed a proper boy layout, not a butterfly in side, i have used the new cosmo range, its got some really nice b sides, i wont comment on the other sides lol.
Lastly i thought i would leave you with the image i am currently facing.

Yeah its gonna be a late night! night all x


Sarah said...

WOW, Thats a lot of sorting out, but you will feel so much better for doing it. I done mine a few weeks back and didn't know where to start.
Love this LO, very masculine.
Good luck and tfs

Jenny said...

Now that looks like a good clear out in progress! Will be doing mine when my storage turns up (curses Fed-ex)

Love the LO, it looks great. Much Kudos for the lack of butterflies!

jen xx

Sarah xx said...

How brave of you to sort out your stash - I bet you will find some forgotten treasures and some stuff you will want to lose though! The LO of Rob is so fab - great idea and very masculine - love it! xx


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