Sunday, 11 April 2010

2 years of Southern chums

I know April is full of anniversaries but this one is a another fab one, its been 2 years since I met the lovely Laura and Leanne and Laura's friend Katy (who doesnt have a blog). It was at Ally Pally April 2008!

Then in the July 08 i met Katherine, at the Gogo local crop weekend.Katherine had met laura a few weeks before so thats how they met.

In October the Luscious gang was formed (i have no idea who came up with that name or why) , a bit of a hike through London but worth it, so Oct 08 i met

The lovely SJ, Chloe, Cleo and Jen. Im not quite sure how everyone met here! It was so funny meeting so many new people at once it was literally like i knew them and just hadnt seen them for a while.
Then we added a someone else to our gang on March 09, Shimelle

Think Laura and shim had been hanging out, so thats how she slots in. See how creative we are getting with our photos.
In March me and Rob went on our southern road trip and got to meet some of the men in their lives.

Laura and Will

Leanne and Kevin

Sj, Ben and fin (fin was my favourite) It was great getting to know everyone in their normal lives.
So June 2009-Gogo Retreat

Not all the gang but my friend Natalie (who i met at a crop in Leeds) joined our merry little gang.
October 2009

Slowly diminishing in numbers, this was our last get together.
I am sad to say we have no more get togethers on the horizon, our group is changing and growing, we have had a new member Baby Max, kindly provided by Leanne, and Jen has our newest addition Baby Bump on the way.
Im not sure what the future holds for our little 'gang' but i look forward to the day we can all see each other again, (perhaps Lauras wedding in September).
So they are my southern scrappy chums, they are a pretty good punch and im pleased and honoured to know each and everyone of them.

Enough of the soppy-ness, tonight i will be drawing the winner for my giveaway!
Right im still not finished tidying my room, i give myself till 11 to finish my computer stuff, blogging, ordering photos etc, and now its 1.11 and im still sat here having not tidied a single thing!
I'm going have a lovely sunny day whatever you are doing x

p.s do you notice how all out 'get togethers' are in London/South, how about a trip to Leeds girlies! x


Laura said...

awww bless, what a lovely post!

We will meet up again soon xx

Little Musings said...


Bless you!

Glen said...

What lovely memories Rachel. Lots of photos to scrap! :) TFS. ~Glen~


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