Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Early in the morning

Morning all. It's early. So as I'm

apparently now up for the day I may as well blog right? 

So it was my sisters birthday a couple weeks ago so thought I'd share what I made. 

This is the Boreal hat by Ysolda Teague a fun colour work hat. Thou a bit toasty for July. 

I also made or tried to make rob a hat. We went to Saltburn beach a couple months ago and found a yarn shop abs rob spotted wool he like, so I secretly ordered it online later. 

Yeh I ran out of time. 

But I did pick it up again yesterday and am now a far it through the decreases. 

So hopefully baby willing I can get that done today. Coz whilst I like the pattern the yarn is very Erm I dunno I like how it looks but not loving knitting with it tbh so be pleased when it's done. 

I put a couple (literally) rows on my summer cardigan which is on my list to put a real dent in this month. 

And I finally took some photos of the socks I finished last week in the day light. 

In other news I've been cooking up a storm thanks to slimming World, really tried loads of different recipes, I never really did that when I've done it previously thou still got to target each time but trying to shake it up this time and get it off as quick as I can so I can stop paying (darn mat leave pay) so yeh. 

This boy is growing and growing (not like a weed I dot like that phrase) 
But he's incredible cute. 

Oh and my hubby bought me this. 

I've not actually started yet. I seem apprehensive coz I want it to be good. which I'm told it is. 

Anyway. Small baby shouting at me so best go x

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