Friday, 29 July 2016


Hi all. Few and far between posts. Life here sure is busy. 

This boy is growing up quick 

He's adorable and very smiley and he's a very 'good' baby 

Martha is still being super good with him no negativity at all which is awesome. 

She mainly just wants his toys and wants to sit where he is and stuff. 

But life with two on the whole is awesome 

In other news I chopped about 8" off my hair, so back to short. 

We've been doing lots of fun things in the bits of dun that's appeared. 
2 fun fairs in 2 days. 

My knitting has been a bit slow tbh but I'm still managing nearly every day. 

Double naptime doesn't happen much but when it does it's pretty sweet. 

I just finished these late last night. 

Been working on my shawl

I also went back to Slimming World this week. So let's see how I manage with that and 2 small people. Not got as much to loose as I did after having Martha and gone back 4 mths earlier do I'm gonna try

Right baby awake. Must dash. 
Back soon 

1 comment:

Barb Baines said...

What a cute little boy! He looks like Martha.


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