Wednesday, 10 August 2016

This week

Hi all. So this week in my knitty adventures I got my lovely Colorfield Shawl finished. Photos just taken by myself so not the best 

It's lovely and squishy. I used a very old yarn, one I got on my honeymoon actually and a newer one from Yarny Love on etsy. 

I also finished my watermelon socks. These have been on the go for ages. 

Not got fancy garden pics yet but yay for another project done. 

I had a random urge to sort some projects bags out and got a few to frog.

Yeh I am messy.  

But I sorted them and put some old projects back in rotation. 

I've been working on a the LaLa simple shawl in a dk by Felt Fusion

Love how sort and squishy this yarn is. 

I also put my owls back in rotation. I last worked on this in May 2015. I actually got lots done on it yesterday as me and my boy had a lazy day watching films at home. 

I also picked up my Londonhouse yarns rainbow socks 

And made good progress 

In other news. Theo had his 3rd Injections so that was utterly hideous but thankfully back to normal now. Thou chew chew chew is all he does. 

We cooked our holiday to butlins next month. Yay. 

We finally got a crop of multi coloured sweet peas! 

Think that's about it really. Been here and there and made it to knit night last week which was nice. 

We all went to see Finding Dory which was great 

Martha wore her new cardigan her granny made her. 

Right hopefully back soon xx 

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Kirsteen said...

I love the colour of Martha's cardie - it's lovely. Yay to sorting and organising projects :)


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