Friday, 25 September 2015


My tiny baby girl turned 2 this week!!! How on earth???? 

It can't just be me who thinks she was just this big. 

Ok maybe this big 

But no she's 2 now!! We have been on holiday this week at Butlins and had an amazing week so much fun and so is busy. She had the best birthday ever. Here are a few highlights. 

Being amazed by a bubble machine 

Getting a balloon 

Visiting a seal sanctuary 

Going to the beach 

Birthday cake


Soft play

A yummy meal out

And a show. With the biggest hit of the day with this light up toy
Which she terrorised me with all night 

And a happy walk back

Does this not look like the best day ever?? I think so she loved it. 

We are home now and I'm off to Yarndale tomorrow. Say hi if u see me 

1 comment:

jess said...

Lovely to see Martha's birthday, looks like she had a fab day! Love reading your blog x


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