Saturday, 3 October 2015

Yarndale 2015

Yay the day finally arrive that was Yarndale.

I got the train over to Skipton on the saturday morning having got back from holiday the day before.

I worked on my sock head hat i love working on this, I have used left over yarn from my mitts 

I met my mam and sister there, as it was easier from them to drive straight there rather than leeds and then skipton.

We pre bought out tickets but still had quite a queue for them

There was the usual lovely crochet prettiness as we went in.

I had made a list of the venders i really wanted to see and was eager to nip and run straight to them.

Easyknits was on my hit list first. 

We left the stall and walked down to a few more stalls but i ran back for this beauty, i love their yarn its so fun and exciting where i found some of the others a bit similar and not 'new'. I liked loads of theirs but left some of them.

I ran into Heather  and her adorable daughter and watcher to do some 'meet and greet' with lucy while we ate our lunch, she did join us we didn't just watch her lol 

More lovely pretty things.

Next was a new to me dyer For the love of Yarn they had some gorgeous things and again i kept debating what to get and missed out on one but i got a lovely red sparkle so planning a christmas shawl.

My mam took a few pics too, which is funny coz she never takes pics 

I got the bus back to the station which worked really well. 

And jumped on the train which was a mix of yarndale people and people going into leeds for a night out so that was amusing. I got to work on my hat again so that was fun.

So when I got home and i was completely completely pooped it really is a tiring day and with a hectic holiday the week before i had a good old sit and ended up on Etsy and found my favourite self striper had done a massive update, this is the yarn on my sock head hat, I got it for my birthday and don't recall seeing her do a update since then last december so i spent the last of my yarndale pennies and then a little on some gorgeous yarn.

Yeh i couldn't pick i love them so so much and have already cast on.

So this is my Yarndale Haul, I got little Drops Big Merino as its always handy to have it 'in stock' my easy knits, i got a lovely silk bend from The knitting Swede which was a new to me dyer, and the for the love of yarn red, and a chunky aran for a hat i had in mind.

Quite restrained I thought.

This was last years haul.

So yeah with the whole week off work again i got a lot of caking to do. I don't enjoy this job it always ends up in a big tangle.

It was quite a big job and is all done now hurray, I always like to cake it straight away then it feels like i could use it at any minute which is crazy but thats how i work.

Rob got this shot with one of the fab funky fibres.

SO there you go, I had a lovely day, next year its on the 24th and 25th which is far too close to marthas birthday for my liking so not sure what the plan will be but I'm hoping the year after it will move again as its supposed to be the last weekend of the month.

Right i best go and get some of this yarn knit.


Sonia said...

I love Fab Funky Fibres… I happen to have an order on it's way to me right now!

I got the Big one Mish Mash 24 colour rainbow, and 2 mini skeins for heels and toes. I got FREE money from work, so what was a knitter to do?

Winwick Mum said...

Thanks for sharing your Yarndale pictures, and I love your picture of the Yarndale Sock Line! xx

Leigh said...

I don't normally comment on blogs as I'm a lurker, but I had to comment as I spotted my pair of socks I knitted for the Yarndale sock line in one of your photos - blue and yellowish ones I think they are 3rd from left. Love your blog as it's good to read about someone with as many (or more) WIPs than me. Congrats on your baby news. x


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