Saturday, 5 September 2015


Well I see where this pattern got its name. I have finished my Lush by Tincanknits and Oohh I love it. 

Wanna see??? 

Pretty isn't it?? I used Cascade 220 in Lagoon from Wool Warehouse. I was planning a short cropped one but ended up getting a extra ball for more length and now I wish I had long sleeves so prob gonna get up getting another ball. Which makes 5 balls. 

But yes is a bit lovely. 

I have already cast on one for Martha 

You know how I like us to match. 
And here if a few of us our 'in the wild' 

Anyone else think it's chilly today??  

I have cast on ALL the things and now feeling a bit overwhelmed by them all. 

Someone asked my Instagram name. It's the same as my blog rewardingmemories I did a post about this a few back I think. 

Right must keep knitting. 

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Wrightboysmum said...

It's really lovely finished the colour is great.


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