Monday, 31 August 2015


I have been on a mission lately to get these garments knit. I declared 2015 the year of the garment and I need to step up my game. 

I worked super hard and got my Lush cardigan finished. This is the last decent photo I have. It is currently blocking and I'm hoping to get buttons on and photos done later this week. 

I've been enjoying posting pics on Instagram and trying not to do it too frequently. It varies on a daily basis. 

I jumped literally straight onto the next garment. Like I cast off and 10 mins later I cast on this baby 

Now I got this wool on my Honeymoon in San Francisco in 2012, from Imagin Knits. Can you believe it's our 3rd Anniversary next week?? 

Well it is so it was about time I got this on the needles. I picked 'American' colours to remind me where I got my yarn. 

I was going to steek this caridgan as I have never done flat colour work. 

I managed a bit before bed on Saturday night. 

And a bit more during naptime. I love naptime! 

But then a new pattern caught my eye doh!

How fun is this??? This is Willow Cowland yes I've cast on immediately I love it. 

I literally cast on and did 2 rounds and got back to Chickadee. So at 8.30 last night I picked it back up and look how much I got done. 

I got the birds done!!! I'm so pleased. I have been trying to set myself little goals. Isn't goal was to get my lush finished by the time I went back to work after the bank holiday. Which was ambitious getting 2 sleeves done in 6 days but I did that. 

And last night I thought well if would be nice if I could get the birds done now before work. And I did it early. I'm so chuffed. I know it's silly but I'm so proud. It was a late night not crazy but yay. So now my new goal is to finish all the colour work by the end of today. I think there are about 6 rows of the colour work to go so I'm hoping that achievable. Especially as I have a little Martha free time today. Thou that is to be used to try and make a dent in a quilt I started 1 year ago and yes I supposed some housework and a bit of cooking  

This is the quilt top I have. It does have a border on it now and I have the back fabric some so it just all needs sandwiching together. So in theory it won't take long. 

I did get a little sewing bug in the week and made a quick new project bag which I love 

Cute isn't it?? It's just a small sock sized one but I'm pleased with it. Oh speaking of socks I have found a new to me podcast called Love sock wool, she's really good and chatty and animated. I have been catching up on all back episodes as there are only about 15 and been really enjoying it. 

So there u go a productive week and a super super short working week with the bank holiday and or 2 weeks holiday is coming up next month!! Yay!!! Family time. 

Right gonna get a few rounds on my cowl before Martha wakes up. Yes Martha. I have been looking after that little money along with all the knitting. Lol.

Just if u were missing her beautiful face. Oh and another FO that is newborn size not nearly 2 year old size. She's 2 next month. Where is the time going?????  

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Sue said...

I love instagram too but you have not put your username on your blog so I cant friend you on it. Your bird cardigan is looking beautiful. I am trying to learn to love doing colorwork but I need to relax more so my floats dont turn out too tight.


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