Friday, 21 August 2015

It's been a while

 Hello all. Sorry it's been so long. I've been having so much fun playing over on Instagram with you all, I'm so happy to see you all over there. Fun to interact. 

So life is pretty good round here, let's see what's been going on. 

Did I share these? I forget, some scrummy hats for my friends kids. 

Adventures with my girl 

Garden fun 
Sand pit fun 

Meeting our Best Mans brand new baby fun 
City beach fun 

BBQ fun 

So yeh busy busy as ever. Now knitting.

I finished some super cute socks called Rose City Rollers, they are shortie socks so super quick. I've already started another pair  

I knit a Renfrew hat for Marthas keyworker at nursery as she has moved rooms!' And 2 next month!! What what! 

I've made some serious progress on my Lush Caridgan and hoping to have that done maybe by the end of the month. I want to wear this to Yarndale 

I've been obsessed with shawls. This one didn't end up working out colour wise so I'm gonna have to frog it. 

I started another different shawl that's going well. These are all in Ravelry. 

Oh and another. This is Pebble Beach, I've been buying a bit of yarn but I'm planning on doing. A indie Dyer blog post soon as I've found a few new ones. 

Oh and I started some knits for Martha yesterday. 

A POP Caridgan. I thought it would be nice to have these ready for her birthday as we have a little holiday time then. 
And this is Antler, both of which she has had before. 

So I think that about catches us up really. My mind has been a bit crazy lately. Lots like this. 
This made me laugh yesterday. 

I figured 5.30 was too early to give up on sleep and knit so I blogged but now it's after 6 so that's ok isn't it! 

Be back soon 
rach x

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Sue said...

You have been doing a lot of knitting. I love the little hats. How wonderful that your daughter will have a little friend to play with once she grows up a bit.


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