Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Woolfest 2015

Hello all, I know you probably want to hear about Woolfest right?

So Woolfest this year was Friday 28th June.

And look what kicked the day off, my lovely friend vic had her gorgeous baby boy in the early hours of the morning, I heard she was in labour the evening before so checked my phone literally all through the night, but apparently I had ran out of data and she had text me at like 2am but i didn't get to see this little face till the actual morning.

Isn't he gorgeous.

So as ever I went to Woolfest with my sister nicky (of nicola to you, or ninny to martha).
We went together last year 2014 oh and look here is 2012 i was too pregnant for 2013.

We didn't leave as early as planned, but we got there about 10.30.

Given I had ran out of data I got a couple messages with this little face along the way.

We weren't quite sure if we were going to go to Woolfest or not with Yarndale being much nearer than the 2.5 hours that Woolfest is and I don't wanna leave martha overnight so we did there and back in the day again.

I really wanted to go to Easyknits that was my main stall I was bothered about, I didn't have a big budget as june/july are busy birthday months and i didn't really 'need' anything.

But i did was to look at the Gobstoppers which I have seen on instagram lately.
We did get some which i will show you later. 

I do like their yarn though. I think the thing i noticed about Woofest this year is there wasn't tons of hand dyed yarn as odd as that sounds, well nothing like this like bright and fun, there was lots of 'made' things if that makes sense. 

We met lots of sheep folks.

these were fun.

Cute little pic of gorgeous Violet meeting her little brother 

My sister liked the Sew Sister stall and got some pretty fabric, it was super busy stall. 

i apparently didn't take many pics as thats it.

So this is 'all' i got, i got a lovely gobstopper from Easyknits, and i got some plain yarn and some kook-aid to try some dyeing, one of my chums on instagram started hand dyeing and has done some stunning things, I just wanted to try one, Ive been really been feeling well enough to take this on yet but hoping soon and it doesn't just sit.

i got a ton of gorgeous buttons, we got some good bargains, buttons can be very very pricey but i tried to get enough for garments which seems be 6 or 7 for a adult really 

Yeah i got quite a few, and a lovely shawl pin and this fun little red riding hood button, I have some fabric that would match really well, one day when i get around to it lol. 

So my sis got some gobstoppers too, or so i thought she kindly bought me the neon one which i hadn't realised at the time, how fun is that?? She's always so generous.

So this is Killer Queen

And this is Neon Boogie.

So there you got that was our trip. We got back in time to see Martha before bedtime despite getting stuck in traffic. 

Im thinking i need some self striping on the needles soon, well some more, i do already have some, obviously lol! 

Right chat soon x

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