Sunday, 5 July 2015


Hello all. I'm afraid ive been still quite poorly for a while, one thing gets better and another starts. Nothing serious but just worn out and feeing a bit pap, Martha hasn't been great either so just been a bit tricky lately. 

But I am still here and barely knitting. Reading a bit thou. 

I've just finished this today. I really enjoyed it and am pretty sad that I've finished. 

I am keeping up my audible, I'm enjoying this one but it's not amazing. I've got a couple waiting, I normally listen to them on the way to work and here and there where I can. 

I've been doing a little knitting on my Madame Entrechat which is taking far longer than it should. 

Looking a bit like a something and now I just have a sleeve to go. 

 I have lots to tell you but just on my phone. We went to a wedding and gotsome  gorgeous photos of martha new went to a christening and got some gorgeous photos of martha lol. 

I went to a Woolfest and got some lovely wool. Just a little but it's pretty. 

I've been trying to pick what to make with this lovely Malabrigo I got in a destash. 
I was all set to make the Campside shawl but I have about 250m more than it needs so was thinking a cardigan. It's Sport weight and that's tricky to get so any ideas are welcome. 

Don't know what else to say really. I'm here plodding on and trying to locate my immune system which appears to have done a bunk. 

This is martha today hanging out in my sisters field. 

Will be back as and when I can xx

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