Thursday, 18 June 2015

June Garment Update

Hi all, Firstly thank you for your well wishes, and yes it was that L thing i still can't spell lol, I have been off again this but slowly feeling better, Martha has also been ill in that time and hubby has come home from work poorly too, we all need to be better for this weekend as we are at a family wedding, and i have been breaking my neck to have our knitwear finished for it lol.

 Time for a bit of knitting talk right? I have been trying for ages to find the blog post about all the garments I wanted to make in 2015, having regained my figure it was time, so I thought has it appears to be June I would do a little update.

So this was a few of the garments I wanted to make and still do.

just to save me time my fav profile is here rather than linking them every time 

I finished Antler in January having started it a million years ago, I am really not happy with this and have barely worn it, its just too big, i used a FAT aran and it needed Worsted really so thats disappointing.
Finished in January

I added a Central Park Hoodie to my list and am really pleased with it though i should have done a extra repeat for the length really

Finished in March

This was another addition to the list Shalom, which i did in Noro and freedom purity, I really like this one and am very pleased with how it came out, i haven't worn it much but only coz its warming up.
Finished in April

My latest is my Entrchat which i really like and have started another. I finished this in May 

Right so what is my plan for the rest of the year??

I am hoping to start Cria in the next few days once the wedding shawl is done, i have 'found' some more yarn so I can do a long sleeved version, i have had the original yarn for literally years. 

I am also going to start Lush which I have been about to knit for ages but keep having yarn problems with gauge so we will see but these are my next garment plans. 

Then I'm thinking September time i will start Chickadee using yarn i got on my honeymoon in San Fransico 


And a Prairie Fire 

Well this my current plan so lets home I can get all that done.

right must dash x

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