Thursday, 9 July 2015

Just lately

Hi again, just a few pics of my beautiful girl.

So Martha is 21months now and is lovely for the most part lol, we are in a odd stage of her desperately needing her mama, we have had this phase before but its wearing when I'm not 100% and she's not.

I say this as before these lovely photos she had a epic meltdown in the church at our next door neighbours Christening. It was right on lunch, and nap time so probably fair enough but yeh.

So this is Jess her lovely boy was sleeping at the time.

We were literally about to leave and Martha found another room that had a awesome echo and she thought it was AMAZING!

Look how happy she was, she was bombing about trying to shout echo which was very cute. 

She's very loud, she is quite 'vocal' as lots of people say, in a fun way, some babies are are quite but she has a lovely personality and is full of fun. 

And me and my girl, she isn't big on being held for photos so I'm quite pleased with this one lol. 

can you tell how much she was screeching! 

Me and hubby even managed a little pic which i really like. 

She loved banging this barrels as we headed to the car.

So yeh im super pleased with these pics, I'm just trying to locate the ones from the wedding with the cardigan i made her. 

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