Saturday, 11 July 2015

FO Parade

Ive been a bit behind with my blogging so behind in sharing my finished objects

This is Madame Entrechat and is a lovely shrug, I recently finished one in pink but wanted one that went with lots of things. 

Im really pleased with how this one came out. 

I also made a little version for my friends brand new daughter, its hard to photograph when its not on but its a lovely little cardigan for little ones.

My friend got me this lovely stamp so I have been using it on all of my hand knits. 

I made this for my friends brand new boy, this is 6th size so won't be christmas till i get to see him in this but I'm so pleased with it, i love the colours together and have since bought more of it to make something for martha.

and this one too.

Something I finally got finished was my 3 colour cashmere cowl, which wasn't any of those things lol 

I made a granny stripe blanket for my team leader at work who is due any day now, like with so many of the 2015 babies she is having a surprise so hopefully she likes it, i was poorly the week she finished so didn't get to give her the gifts in person which was a bummer.

I made her the first of many pumpkin hats. 

I have also been making loads of baby hats for the pile of babies that are due this summer so these are all the 2nd size of hats.

This is my go to pattern here
i picked another pattern the other day to shake it up but spend so much of my evening trying to figure out what to do and when i need/want to do so many i think i should stick to what i know really. 

I did manage to squeeze this one on Marthas head to model it lol. 

Well i think thats plenty for now, i have been doing some sewing so will try and share all those things with you soon.


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Sonia said...

So many great FO's! I really love your new little cardigan, I might have to make one of those.


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