Sunday, 14 June 2015

Man down!

Sorry I meant to post earlier I have been so poorly this week ive kinda been good for nothing. I have a inner ear infection and it's pretty grim, something beginning with L. Thankfully I have a lovely neighbour who has been looking after me and martha, would have been lost without her. 

I have managed a few fun things here and there this week. 

I fell in love with these dashwood studio fabrics. 

We went for a little walk last sat before I got really bad to see some gorgeous flowers 

Her walking has really taken off this week. 

I remain forever grateful for naptime
And my beautiful girl 

So Yeh we have see a lot of this little guy this week. This was early Monday when I couldn't get on the floor to dress martha. 

I've mainly just sat with a bit of knitting here and there where I could. Some days I could some I didn't have the energy 

After a couple of trips to the docs I finally got some tablets. 
And this little guy came back after martha had finished at nursery to help. 

I just love seeing her walk in the garden 

I finally got some photos of her in her new cardigan. Well kind off im aiming for better ones lol. 

On Thursday I managed a tiny trip to Clarks to buy some first shoes for my girl. 
We caught a sale which was great so got the top two pairs yay!! 

It was crazy sunny on Thursday so I suited martha up in her most summery clothes. All of which are Little Bird by Jools Oliver 

Our girl loves playing with water so we got her a trug and a watering can. She was happy for ages. Soaking but happy. 

I managed to pick up a cute cardi that day too. 

I felt a little better agajn on Friday so we went to music grp with Jess and Brodie. Did im mention martha and myself for that matter now have a ponytail?? Well we do
And they are fun. 

This is her ooohh face. She's hilarious 

I even managed a bit of washing while it was so sunny. 

After naptime we had a little pool party

They both loved it. Brodie is 7mths and just learnt to sit up bht has made playing much easier. I remember that being a massive turning point. 

And this final pic of her looking like such a big girl just standing there!! All by herself. 

So that was my week. I'm still very low on energy and still not right but hoping it will all be better soon. I have stuff to do I can't be poorly for this long. 

Today it's chucking it down. So my SIL is coming later to keep Martha entertained. It's certainly the mornings that are the hardest. We think coz I'm been lying down all night. 

Right well that's it for now. Now to
Her this to post with our terrible internet connection. Aiming to do a wool related post ASAP. 

Rach xx


Hannah2 said...

Oh poor you! Is it Labyrinthitis? I hope you have a better week this week. Love the pic of Martha standing in front of Peppa Pig! πŸ˜„

hotpotato said...

Hope you soon feel better, it's not easy being ill when you have little ones to look after. x

Sue said...

I hope that you feel better very soon. I love seeing your photos as they make me happy. Sometimes I wish my two children were still tiny again.

Jessica Norton said...

Glad we could help out, nice to see u guys more, shame it's when you've not been 100%.

Jessica Norton said...

Good photos too x


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