Saturday, 6 June 2015

Still here

Hello. Sorry it's been so long. You know the feeling when you have too many photos and don't know where to start with blogging?? Yeh I have that. Plus my phone sends my photos to iCloud or something so basically I can't blog photos that are older than a day old. 

I've been doing lots of Martha knitting these days as she could do with a couple. 

This is a new pattern called carosel and is super cute. Just the cuff and 2nd sleeve to do. 

I've also been knitting Emissary cardigan. We have a family wedding in a couple of weeks so she needed a cardigan to go with her dress. 

This is a cripes little cardigan. I just need buttons on as I finished the other sleeve last night. 

My next project is number 400!!! So that's exciting. 

We've had lots of busy days lately, including yesterday at music group and soft play. Martha has mastered going up the stairs and down the slide alone and is beyond happy. 

Did I mentioned she took her first steps last week. Hurray!!! About time. And did loads last Tuesday and then refused for a whole week, but it's starting to creep into day to day life which is very exciting. 

Right sure I've got something I should be doing. Will be back to blog properly later. 

Rachel x

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