Wednesday, 13 May 2015

WIP Wednesday

I have been a busy bee lately and picked up some old WIPS, i wanna cast on all the things but am trying to resist so this is what I've been working on. 

This is how i left it, ill be honest i thought it was bigger than this.

But i put a bit of a tent in it and re remembered what to do.

Ive been working on the baby boy cardigan i am doing for my friend.

Few rounds on my socks

Another old Wip is my 3 colour cashmere cowl 

I managed to get the lace done in a day, well afternoon nap and evening time.

I started the next bit just before bed and continued on my lunch hour.

and then a little bit in bed while i was reading, I am trying to read again a bit more i am reading Last Anniversary so wanted to try and get into it a little more.

Next lunch hour i knit on some new mitts using my Fab funky fibres yarn i got for my birthday, i decided to do mitts instead of socks with it this time.

I have also been sewing as i took a half day and have been a very busy bee making my girl some cute things.

So yeah i work on quite a lot in the week, i am now about to start to plan for my holiday knitting as we are going to northumberland for a week soon so i must plan plan plan.

What are you working on???

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