Saturday, 16 May 2015

Holiday prep

We are heading away for a week in a lovely caravan in Northumberland so I have been planning and prepping. 

Geez babies need lots of stuff. I did 10 outfits inc vests and socks and knitwear and put them in carrier bags so either of us can just grab them and they are all ready. Clever huh!! 

I sorted through this little lot of stash tk match up projects. I recent sold a ton of yarn so I could get some more lol. Wool warehouse have a great Drops sale on at the min and I only had the odd ball so I got more so I could actually make a garment. 

These are 99% for martha. 

Thou this is for another Madame Entrechat. Yes Navy I must be mad. 

I cast on a couple of projects including this the other night. 
I started a mini Entrechat for the pile of 2015 babies. Seriously it's getting silly now. Think I know about 16 due now! 

We headed to the shops the other day in search of some holiday bits 

Still not walking but wanting to walk everywhere. I like to do things fast. I say go go go lots. Martha now says this lots and has now adapted it to no no no! Which is hilarious but naughty too. 

Anyways back to knitting. 
This is my pile im taking. Yes far too much. 
I have .......
A 30% finished baby crochet blanket
My striped mittens 
My striped socks
A mini Entrechat. Which is nearly done 
My Madame Entrechat
My Neon which ive not touched in one million years. Erm I think that's it. 

I also cast on this in the car on the way to my folks. 

It is another Owls jumper. I have 4 of these but it's the thing I wear the most so thought a mustard one would be good. This is what I did on the hour journey. Quite pleased with myself. 

I may have cast a secret something on with some of this yarn but it's secret for someone. 

I also may have got a few books. Yes it does appear I may be forgetting about the whole small person to look after on holiday but here is what I figure. She naps everyday for normally 2 hours. And in theory I have every evening. We have v v little internet connection so I won't get distracted by the Internet. And we are going to places nearly every day so there is car knitting. 

Some of my favourite podcasts have just been downloaded so that's exciting. So Yeh I think I'm all set. It's due to be a very mixed week so we may get a bit wet but this is England and Sod's law so we are gonna make the most of it. 

Hopefully I will have lots to show When I get back. But finally. Coz she is adorable 

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Sue said...

All that gorgeous yarn. Sometimes it is nice to rehome yarn and buy some new for inspiration. I hope you enjoy your trip and get lots done.


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