Sunday, 10 May 2015

Madame Entrechat

Well I have seriously busted through this latest garment. I really wanted to make more garments this year and so far I'm doing pretty well actually. 

I finished my Antler, Central Park Hoodie, Shalom, and now this cute little number. I am planning to make yet another Owls jumper in a lovely Mustard. I still have very grand plans of more things I want to make. 

But back to my latest garment

I LOVE this little cardigan so much. 

It's such a cute shrug. I have been wanting one for ages that goes with lots of things. 

I love these textured stitches so much. 

And the yarn oh the yarn, I splashed it s little on Malibrigo but it was so worth it. It's so soft and lovely and this has been such a pleasure to make. I really enjoyed just knitting it rather than just wanting it finished. 

Then back has a lovely little flare on it without being crazy. It has a short row curve which I was apprehensive about but I followed the instructions which was for German Short Rows and WOW it was amazing. So much neater than any other short row I have ever done, I will def use that in the future. I normally avoid patterns with short rows but now I'm feeling a little braver. 
So Yes I would really recommend this pattern and for little ones too. We need a matchy matchy pic of me in mine and my girl in hers. 

I may now need one in every colour. I'm thinking maybe Navy, or dark brown or grey. Just for a more goes with everything. 
Drops has a huge huge sale on at the moment so thinking maybe Big Merino as that is a lovely squishy yarn that I did Marthas in. 

I need to plan my next garment immediately. I've picked up a couple WIPs in the mean time thou. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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