Tuesday, 5 May 2015


So some things don't change, I have 1 million WIPS so these are a few things on my needles.

I got these lovely colours for my friends baby boy that is due at the end of June.

And these, grand old plans and I'm running out of time. 

This is a cute little Garter stitch cardigan I am planning to stripe it with the mustard, must get moving on this, it is now separated on the sleeves but i dont have a picture to hand but its getting there and is lovely, i actually bought some more of this colour because i like it so much for martha 

My lovely friend Emily got me this stamp for my birthday and I finally put it to use for my friends baby shower a couple of weeks ago.

Aren't they cute, i put on the back what size they are and how to wash them.

Last Sunday I cast on the lovely Tan House Brook Shawl, I have knit one of these before and loved it so I thought i would do another one 

I cast this on on the 26th and I am actually blogging on the 29th, so i think i have done a fair old bit. 

It is actually a bit longer than this photo which was pretty late at night, this pattern is just gorgeous and so additive. 

What else?? Yes there is more these are my 'active WIPS' 

My afterthought heel socks I just worked on these a little bit this past week but i only needed a couple of inches before i put in the afterthought heel so did a little on my lunch break the other day.

And read my book. Im reading The last anniversary I love her books and have loved them all you must go and get them now. 

So thats whats been going on lately, I thought i would try and check in more if i can, I have been a bit obsessed with knitting podcasts lately and while i don't think i would ever be brave enough to do that i might maybe blog in the style of it. So wips, fo, new stash, that kinda thing so will see how it goes. 

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Candace said...

I love the yarn you are using for the sock and the turquoise for your friends baby boys cardigan is lovely too


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