Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Slimming World Journey

 So I have been meaning to blog about this for a long long time.

So Last May, once Martha had stopped doing the needing to be held for all naps, I started slimming world.

If you have been a long time reader you my recall i did it before i got married and lost a couple of stone before the wedding. 

I stopped not long after we got married in the September 2012, by Jan I was pregnant and i didn't do it at all, I don't while i was pregnant, I like to think i didn't put on too much weight while i was pregnant, the below pic i was very very pregnant and don't really look it from the back.

but then i look at this at the end of Aug so another long to go and i can see how much bigger my face and arms are etc but i didn't care when i was pregnant.

I do think before of martha needing me for naps every day is where i put on most of the weight, i would grab a can of pop and a packet of jaffa cakes, it was only January 2014 that i stopped drinking full fat pop, i had got so used to pepsi max when i did SW before that they say that full fat was better if not ideal when pregnant and i limited myself lots so again it was a hard road to switch back.

This is Mothers day so March 2014, and i barely recognise myself tbh.

May 2014.

So yes nearly a year ago i started, this is my and my dad in June and woah i look different.

Without giving anyway any of the 'secret sauce' to the diet this is the kinda stuff i ate.

I am not a big fan of veg so i hide it or mush it or anything i can. 

Fake Ferro's are amazing, 2 tablespoon of nutella and 2 wheatbix mushed up

So i'l be honest i am a 'slow loser' it took till 25th August to get to a stone where as i know people that could get that in a few weeks but i was always very slow.

but i stuck to it always, i never went off or over and the key to this diet is you have to WANT IT. 
I was so unhappy with how i looked like so so much i had to loose some weight, you feel so different and not yourself after you have a baby or i certainly did that the fact i was so so much bigger was hard to deal with, i was about a 10 when i got pregnant and i was in size 16/18 ish and that is a big old jump.

But eventually it started to come off and show.

the left pic is dec 2013 and the right is August 2014 i think.

similar dates here too.

Marthas birthday in september, i was nearly there but that last little bit was SO hard to get off, no matter what i did i could not get it.but now i can see the difference certainly in my face, its hard to see at the time but looking back i can see it.

This is christmas 2013 and christmas 2014, where i was so close to target.

christmas 2014.

I don't appear to have photos of my next certificates but i got my 2 stone and got to target on the 9th Feb, i initially said i wanted to loose 2 stone but have since lost more and had to lower my target.

But life at target is great, i can wear lots of old things i used to wear, these green jeans i got just after my honeymoon and could only wear for a bit coz i got so very pregnant so quickly, literally nothing fit immediately, but now they fit and are a little baggier.

I am now smaller than I've been in years and its great, i get a real kick out of people telling me how much weight I've lost which makes me think christ i must have been really big and looking back i was, well for me i was.

but life at target is also really tricky, i am in the habit of eating certain things or not eating certain things and its very easy to slide a little bit and eat all the naughty things, so far i haven't gone over my target but i have been too far under it and told to come back the next week having put weight on and that messed with my head so much, i just ate All the things!

When you are at target you only have to go once a month to check in, and i do, many people say well you've lost of now why go back, because it is very easy for it to creep back on and i know when I'm being naughty and need to 'pull it back'. 

This was the other day and i feel like a different person, I am a different shape since having martha, so some things don't work for me and i wear my jeans a little higher now, things like that but Slimming World has been great, i love pasta and you can eat as much as you like. 

i have a pinterest board for some ideas but i admit i got lazy in the end and just made the same old things, you learn the tricks, like i take a can of pepsi max, a babybel and a hifi bar (slimming worlds own bars) everywhere i go, i stack of 'free' yoghurts, bananas, fish sticks, new hula hopps puffs are my new best friend.

I would say i still do Slimming World but I am more relaxed, I am enjoying being the size I am and looking forward to a summer of being my 'proper' size, so many people ask when baby no 2 is coming lately, like seriously the 1st one can't even walk yet, but i worked so hard to get back to this size i certainly need a bit of time to enjoy it. And i know where slimming world is when i need it again in the future.

Right I hope that all made sense, i knew it would be a long one which is why i have put it off so sorry for all the mistakes. 

rach x


Unknown said...

Congratulations Rachel all your hard work has paid off you look amazing Liz x

hotpotato said...

Well done you, I did comment a couple of weeks ago about how skinny you looked, you can see how much you have lost. x

Sally said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. You look great!

Hannah2 said...

Congratulations on getting to target!!! I have just gone back to SW again after slipping off plan and it is Sooo hard to get back to it and stick to it sometimes. Well done!


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