Friday, 1 May 2015

Baby Entrechat

 So last week or so I wrote a blog post about a little cardigan I had started for martha called Entrechat  
Well I finished it in 3 days, and the were working days too, I am seriously chuffed with myself.

You can see my project on Ravelry here

It is the cutest thing knit.

I got a couple pics of Martha wearing it, not the greatest ones but good enough. 

She was very concerned about something on the floor. 

But its so cute, i made a little mistake on the sleeves, it should have had a garter rib on the sleeves but never mind. 

The back has a little flare to it but nothing too fancy 

The textured stitches are so fun, i really enjoyed doing them. 

So because I have enjoyed making this for Martha so much I cast one on for myself

You can have a look at my project here

I have used the most beautiful Malabrigo in English Rose

I looked at so many others, I could have made this for peanuts frankly, but for my size I only needed a couple of skeins so went for this beautiful colour. 

And as with Martha's it just flew off the needles, the yarn from Wool Warehouse arrived in about 18 hours, I love fast delivery i really do and I worked and worked on it. 

This is Saturday night, and i started Thursday so I'm really pleased. 

I worked it on my lunch hour this week as well.

And a couple of the evenings, I am hoping to finish it pretty soon so i can get wearing it. 

And coz this popped in my album by mistake a little pic of my cutie.

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