Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Some FO's and stuff

Hi all, I seem to be just posting on wednesday lately, my iPhoto library isn't happy today so i am using some photos i have exported a few weeks ago.

I have been making lots of hats for the babies due in 2015, I have had another 3 more added to the list lately, 

This hat is my go to pattern magic coffee bean, i used a new to me yarn Drops Big Fabel and its lovely yarn, i got quite a few colours in it and its really soft.

my little model, this is 2-9 month size, its a bit snug for martha but not terrible

I mentioned before like 90% of my friends are having 'surprises' so i am just knitting some girl ones and some boy ones, well colour wise.

This is my little bundle so far.

This is now finished too but another neutral knit.

I have been planning a baby blanket for someone at work, again a surprise so this is my neutral plan 

I found some great ideas on pinterest and added them to my colour board, all for style craft colours, i may have gone a little bit crazy with my pins.

This is also a while ago and feel bad posting but its this or nothing, this is my Shalom, which is finished and i will post pics when i can get into my photos.

and this is Flax by tin can knits, also now finished.

I got a little bit of new yarn the other week, the new colours from stylecraft, and they are so lovely, i love them all, i got 2 sage coz i thought i would like it the most but i love them all, i also got the new king cole zig zag to add to my collection. 

I have since spoken to rob and he has to do some work on our library meh!
I was thinking of doing a yarn enhancement post soon as i have found a couple of new dyers lately but you aren't to judge about what much i buy ok?

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Evelyn Hender said...

What sweet little hats :)

I like the look of the Zigzag yarn, that will be fun to knit


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