Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Has been crazy lately which is why I haven't blogged. It was my birthday 6 weeks ago and I have been poorly since then with various things, Marthas been on and off too and poor hubby had his wisdom teeth out, and martha has forgot how to go to bed and sleep so life has been erm busy we will call it. 

Flying visit as I should be getting ready for work. 
Knitting wise. I started the 3 colour cashmere cowl which seems to be exploding on Ravelry, it will be a long slow project but pretty. 

These are my colours I wanna use, all have special memories, first socks I finished, Wilma shawl, first cardi I made martha, and honeymoon yarn. It's gonna be pretty. I'm gonna add a self striping in too I think. 

Martha is being lovely despite the lack of sleep. And seems so big these days

She has taken a shine to my wool and carrying thins in her mouth 

We got a couple new additions this weekend, we don't have a great fish record but martha thins they are fab. 

Right Babyface is awake so I best get dressed and get to work/nursery. 

Hope everyone is well. Xx

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