Wednesday, 21 January 2015


What am I doing now??? 

I am very slowly recovering from a kidney infection. So been sitting & knitting and listening to this. 

I'm properly addicted to it. Any spare second. I've had this on kindle and just not got around to reading it so I got it on audible. Go get it now!!! 

I am currently knitting a pair of mittens for myself in a magazine I downloaded. It's by Clare Devine called Crumpet Mittens

However as its a magazine pattern and there aren't any other projects on Ravelry, but it appears the instructions for the left mitt is actually the right mitt so that's pretty odd. 

Marthas obviously in bed now but we have just been watching videos of her so I'm adding a pic of her too. 

I'm also sadly listening to my neighbours alarm which has been going off LOADS lately. Thankfully doesn't disturb Martha but it sure does drive us mental. 

What are you doing now? 


Kirsteen said...

I loved this book, it was the first Liane Moriarty that I'd read. Have you read What Alice Forgot? It's a good one too. I'm hashtag my reading on Instagram if you fancy a peek #kirsteenreads2014 and #kirsteenreads2015

Gail S said...

Loved that book, couldn't put it down, I'd recommend you read her other book What Alice Forgot if you haven't already, another great read !

faith76 said...

The gloves look like they are coming along nicely xxx


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