Friday, 9 January 2015

2014 Knitting Round Up!

So I am finally getting around to sorting out my favourite knits, I don't think I can put them in order as such and I have knit some things that i was really pleased with mainly for Martha but then for whatever reason they didn't get much wear.

So lets take a look!

I think when i counted the other day i did 43 knitted items, which in theory is a lot but i did 72 in 2013, so the key is to have maternity leave before the baby arrives lol!

having thought about this, i have looked on revelry and there are a fair few i haven't tagged with the 2014 tag, and quite a few i started in 2013 and finished in 2014 so that took quite a bit of time.

So 2014 I knit...

Adult Hat- 7
Garments for me- 2
Socks 2
Baby Hat- 12
Baby Garments- 12
Baby Blanket 6

Anyway lets start

Im really pleased with this one, it was a quick knit as its fun to keep adding to it and finishing the repeat

Emissary, is one that falls into the i love but she really hasn't worn it due to reason i guess and Martha runs a little small size wise. 
I plan to do this one again, they have released a DK version so I will give that a go soon.

Zig Zag Blanket Oooh this is one of my favourites, we use this lots, it was a lot of work a knitted blanket, i normally crochet them but i would only knit for my girl.

I have become rather addicted to self striping socks lately and this pattern was shaking up the normal vanilla sock, a step up if you will. 

This has been a firm favourite this year, though i made 2 actually for Martha and they were huge on her so i fell out of love with it but i tried again for friends and they came out much better. 

This is a recent one and i will def knit this again soon, this was a super quick knit for my girl. 

I added this little hat to my go to baby hat, I love this little pattern and i have made quite a few now, though yet to make one for my girl.

So I think that will do as that has taken well over a hour to do so i hope someone reads it!

So mainly knits for martha or baby related, 2015 is the year of knitting for me, i have one million garments planned, i want to knit socks lots of them too as i have yummy 4ply.

And thats all for now, what did you make in 2014???


Clareio said...

of course we read it! i love that blanket, i bet it was a long project though, my knitting patience is limited to cowl/sock/hat sized items!

JMSummerly said...

I think your knitting is fab - I especially love the trailing clouds socks and your little Martha is really sprouting up. Just want to let you know that yes, somebody does read your blog!

JMSummerly said...

I think your knitting is fab - can't tell if this has posted twice or not. I especially like the trailing clouds self striping. Just to let you know that your posts are being read.

Nicole said...

Eeek, 43 items is a lot of knitting and puts me to shame! I love your hats and all of Marthas little cardigans, they're great :-)

2014 was a lot of baby blankets for me, mostly crochet'd but some knitted too. Bring on 2015 :-)

Rachel B said...

Oh my goodness, too cute! Great knits! :)


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