Wednesday, 14 January 2015


So me and my chums often play #widn What I'm doing now. 

So this is #widn

I've just started a baby blanket for Marthas keyworker at nursery who is expecting a boy in March. 

So these are my colours. 
Petrol, pumpkin, aspen, parchment, lime

I've been using my new hook i got from my friend Laura for my birthday a couple weeks ago. 

And this is how it's looking now 

I have been catching up on the Stash and Burn podcast this week which iTunes kindly deleted from my library so I've had about 5 to listen to. 

We've had a tough old week so far with Marthas teething and generally being very unhappy but pleased my working week is done and I can be available for cuddles when she needs them. 
I've been working super hard on all my other WIPs which I will show you soon. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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