Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2 Years on

2 years ago we found out there was a baby in my belly. 2 years that what? It feels ages ago and like it was yesterday. 
Sometimes I don't believe there was a baby in my belly and when I look at my pregnancy pics I was rather massive and had a cracking round bump ( if I do say so myself) 

So I just wanted to have a little reflect. 

This is martha on 6th Jan last year, she had just started to get fun. Tiny babies are hard work and u get nothing back but by 3mths she had started to be a little person and get fun. 

Thou not nearly as fun as she is now. 
She's amazing now like truly fabulous. She's been clingy lately but the last couple weeks she's just been amazing, no snotty colds waking us up and eating well and learning. Man she learns every day. I love just watching her learn something. She's SO clever. 

If you hadn't spotted we got her some little shoes

They were sat on my desk making me happy at work today. 

So there you go 6th Jan will always be special to us. 

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Jacquie said...

Ah, that's why my favourite age group to work with is the 0-2s! They are cool as they grow up, but they just learn SO much at this age, it's just amazing!


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