Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What am I reading, listening to, knitting??

Random post but currently. 

I am reading this....

Really enjoying it. Hoping to finish tonight so can't have too much of a late night. It is suitably Christmassy. I hate books that pretend to be Christmassy and then turn out not to be but super enjoying this one. 

I have a few books lined up for after this. 

probably the Great Christmas knit off is next on my list. 

I love audible and have just finished this lovely lovely book wich is the third in the series. I loved it and really recommend it and the previous ones. 

I get my new credit tomo (20th) so I always look forward to that. I'm thinking of Thr Christmas Party or the Rosie Effect, the follow up to The Rosie Projevt which I really enjoyed. 

And I'm currently knitting on this. 
Tan Housr Brook Shawl, I have just finished 2 things for martha so doing a bit of me knitting for a change. 

What are you reading, listening to, knitting ??? 

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