Tuesday, 18 November 2014

1 Million Autumn pics

Hi all, sorry for the delay again! I have been a busy bee lately and been neglecting my blog/everything. I have a ton of gorgeous photos to share. So sorry in advance.

Just a normal Saturday, me and my sis and Martha went to Temple Newsam park which is pretty local to me, we were only gone just over a hour but we got so many cute pics of my girl playing in the autumn leaves. 

Martha LOVES the swings. 

I think i have mentioned that martha is a shuffler not a crawler and its not often i let her shuffle outside coz its often cold and wet etc but today was a bit different. 

She had tons of fun, i love these pics and plan to get one on canvas, i still haven't managed to print any out yet, behind on that too. 

The trees were looking amazing. 

Martha loves her aunties coat, she always has a brooch that martha finds very interesting. 

Look at that tree!! Its like proper YELLOW! it was such a beautiful day, probably about a month ago now 

Whilst martha doesn't walk she has been interested in holding hands and walking. 

we had a little picnic as it was lunch time. 

we do this a lot 

they had donkeys, how fun is that!

And then home to bed. 

Sorry flying visit, blogging very quickly, martha has a rotten cold at the min so we are taking her first sick day and she's just stirring so thats all for now

Back as soon as i can

Rach x

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