Saturday, 8 November 2014


Life has been busy lately. I am managing with work quite well and enjoying being part time, martha is still getting used to nursery but is having better days. Now if only the drop offs were less horrid.

So I've got a ton of blog posts lined up but a quick update on my phone is needed. 
Last time I mentioned my neighbour came to my halloween party. Well her waters went at the party after everyone had left and she had her baby on November 1st. And beautiful baby boy called Brodie. We were lucky enough to meet him on Monday. 

This is him sporting a cardigan my mam actually made. Isn't he gorgeous. 

I have been slacking with making his blanket so naturally got a kick start this last weekend. I actually added in the dark grey to boy it up a bit. 

The previous week I had made him a little hat as I thought he would be nearer December. 

This is the Little Scallops hat, it's super cute, it properly needs a pom Pom on it really. 
I'm debating making one for martha or I might do another matching one to the Xmas hat I made myself which was colour work with snowflakes. 

I have been a bit stuck with one as I have lost my mustard ball of wool and didn't wanna pay for another ball plus postage for 2 rows. 

Thankfully my friend sent me a bit off her ball. 
And these are my mustard tights. Fab aren't they. 

So I finished the hem and picked up the sleeve. 

Because I'm soft I made another hat for Brodie now I know he's a boy. 

I took it round along with some cookies and some tea for them. I know how much I appreciated someone cooking for us. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, it's not that it wouldn't have occurred to me before I had martha but I know how much it's appreciated now, same with many many things to do with babies and sleep and everything really. Life is funny sometimes. 

My other friend sent me this gorgeous pic of Elijah and Eleanor in the matching hats I made them. Aren't they just scrummy?? 

I have a lot of plans knitting wise, I've just bought some chunky in a mustard to do a Owls cardigan, I have my Antler cardi to do, I've started another Central Park hoody, and about a million other things. I'm gonna work on the blanket this weekend and Marthas pink cardi along with a secret knit. Oh yes and sewing, I've been a bit obsessed but more on that later. 

Hope u all have a nice weekend, we are off up to my folks, I've not seen them
More then 30mins this month with them coming to look after martha so looking forward to spending more time with them and my sisters. Again another hindsight, I miss my family so much more now I've had martha, but we are slowly getting in our new routine and fitting in visits where we can. 

Catch you soon. Xx

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