Friday, 21 November 2014


A bit of a different post today, as you may well know i have a rabbit Olive, this summer Olive became a outside rabbit having stayed inside for nearly 2 years after her sister died and she got really poorly, well the practicalities of a house rabbit in the living room and a baby well it just wasn't working anymore, so with a very heavy heart she went to live outside.

And she has been doing well but i still feel guilty so we decided to upgrade her hutch, she has a double hutch which both olive and Wilma did live in originally but it was looking tired.

So i spent night after night after night trying to find the perfect one that wasn't like £300! 

I eventually found one that i was happy with that was 5ft and was £60 i think and we paid extra for a bottom on the hutch and then bought a cover that fit it. 

So this is how it looked. 

Martha was very interested.
However, it just didn't work for us for the following reasons.

Whilst it has 2 doors on the bottom, the bottom was really narrow and her litter tray would fit past the ladder so it had to sit right at the bottom of the ladder so she knocked it over all the time,
One of the doors is tiny and well olive needs lots of grooming and basically we couldn't get to her if she ran and hid in the corner we couldn't get hold of her and we often need to get her out to clean her up and we couldn't.

Whilst we paid for the bottom it was metal and slippy and the bottom was just a mess straight away as the saw dust she would bring or the litter or just poo just made such a mess.

it wasn't on legs, i would find 5,6,7 slugs in there every day, we only had it a week!

the bed wasn't as big as i wanted and the little door at the top just felt far too small for her to sit and look out. 

SO......... after putting it on gumtree we sold it only for a little loss but a loss anyway.

So off i went searching and searching again.

I spotted one at pets at home which was great but was lots at £120 and that was on offer and naturally it had gone back up to £180 by the time we were ready to buy it and then the cover on top which was £50-£80.

So I went for the Bluebell hideout from pets at home which was £100.

We brought her in on Bonfire night, we had to give her a big clean, if anyone can help or offer advice for a fluffy rabbit who basically doesn't seem to be able to clean herself shall we say please please help as it is a nightmare.

once cleaned up she sat in here for all of 2 minutes. 

and we got building. 

She chilled out pretty darn quickly like she had never been gone, yes this made me feel very guilty. 

And then we were done and this hutch is HUGE!

I think for the price, and its not cheap its great, its not the greatest wood in all of the land shall we say but we did buy the cover which was on offer.
but its great, its massive, which is what a rabbit needs. 

see how big it is! 

yes i did sit her in it. 

Once we got it outside i stood in the crazy rain to get it all ready, rob had given it a coat of pain just to protect it a little more, its yet to be finished as you can see it was raining lots. 

I bought olive s stocking of wooden toys to add to it and there we go. 

she's all settled and seems to be really liking it, its SO BIG did i mention that?

She seems happy enough and when I'm not working and weather permits she goes in her run but I'm much happier now, whilst she doesn't get maybe as much attention as i would like at least she has all this space to play or just sit lol

So there you go thats what else has been going on in my little life.

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Hannah2 said...

What a beautiful hutch! Such a lucky bunny!!! I would love a bunny but I am far too allergic, used to have an outdoor bunny when I was at school. I can't help with the cleaning thing as she was constantly cleaning but she wasn't as fluffy as Olive!


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